Born in the '60s and Still Going Strong.

Eagle Leasing has become the Northeast's largest trailer and container leasing company.

Back in the 1960s, Irving Eagle and his three sons, Louis, Alvin and Morty, worked for Strick Trailers, the country’s largest trailer manufacturer at the time. They sold new trailers to trucking companies throughout the Northeast. Instead of taking a sales commission, the men were often offered the older trade-in trailers to keep for themselves, as Strick didn’t want them back. The men saw potential in leasing these trade-ins and eventually formed their own small fleet of trailers which they rented out to companies for storage. Their business started to take off, and in 1967 the brothers left Strick and formed The Eagle Leasing Co. in Orange, CT. The men never looked back.

In the late 1970s, the quartet knew that to continue to grow the company they needed to expand into Massachusetts, where the high-tech boom was just starting. They studied maps to determine how to best serve the state in the most effective way. They chose Southborough as the ideal location, and in 1987 opened their first office there. After 20 years of growth the company added a state-of-the-art facility on 40 acres of land in Oxford, MA.

Irving and Louis Eagle

Irving Eagle and Louis Eagle in the Orange, CT office circa 1969

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Eagle Leasing has grown to become the Northeast's largest trailer and container leasing company, with a customer base ranging from residential to industrial and more than 14,000 units in its fleet. See how big a 14,000 unit fleet really is and
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The company has grown to employ 130 people in three locations, including Southborough, MA, Oxford, MA and Orange, CT.

Storage Container

Storage Trailer circa 1969