Office Containers

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Office Containers

It’s easy to walk into your office with ground-level access!

Walk into Eagle Leasing’s premium office containers and enjoy the convenience, security and durability of a ground level office.  The office containers come in a variety of sizes and combinations with storage options available for some units.  The standard sizes available are 8′ x 10′ Office, 8′ x 20′ Office, and 8′ x 40′ Office.

Office containers are ideal for:

  • Construction
  • Schools
  • Special Events
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities
  • And more!

Each office container is fully equipped with air conditioning, heat, electrical outlets, desks, a plan table, filling cabinets and more.

Eagle Leasing office containers can be built and customized to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-GET-EAGLE (438-3245) or



Eagle Leasing also offers a full suite of accessories available for office-storage container combos:


Have peace of mind with our heavy duty Eagle Lock®. These unique, easy to use, patented devices ensure the highest degree of security.

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Feel good about keeping your container organized! Keep your storage space neat and organized with customized shelving from Eagle Leasing. Our heavy-duty shelving fits our 40-foot, 20-foot and 10-foot storage containers. Shelves are perfect for keeping valuable equipment or merchandise off the floor for easier access. An organized container will save you time and energy. […]

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An organized container makes your life easier! Heavy-duty pipe racks are ideal for 40’, 20’ & 10’ containers! For years, plumbers, electricians and other contractors have taken advantage of our heavy-duty pipe racks.By using pipe racks in a storage container you are able to keep tubing, PVC and similar items organized neatly off the ground. Eagle […]

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Light Up Your Storage Container See what is inside your container!. Our light bar is a surefire way to enhance the use of your Storage Containers – especially at night! These light bars are bright and easy to install! Extremely durable; made with a shatterproof clear polycarbonate lens 120-watt super bright premium LED bulbs Telescoping […]

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Your container is now more convenient! Easily wheel your belongings into your container. Eagle Leasing’s OSHA-certified container ramps are portable, durable, and easy to use.  Our container ramps have a hook-rail that attaches to the doorkeepers for secure three-point contact and support across the width of the ramp. Specifications: Accomodate up to 750 lbs.! Weighing […]

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Drive Your Forklift Into Your Container! Forklift ramps provide easy access to your container. Drive your forktruck into your container to access pallets or other heavy equipment. Save time while increasing productivity with Eagle Leasing’s 10,000 lb. heavy-duty ¼” diamond plate steel ramps. Each ramp only weighs 75 lbs (2 per set) Safe & easy access […]

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Get The Damage Waiver Program for the Unexpected! Enjoy peace of mind. If your portable storage equipment or mobile office trailers are involved in an accident  you are responsible for the repairs. Our comprehensive Damage Waiver program allows you to opt out of that responsibility and covers any necessary repairs to your storage containers, trailers […]

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