Storage Time: Why Are Storage Containers So Popular?

If you’ve noticed the growing popularity of storage containers, you’re not alone. The global container market demand was projected to increase by approximately 4.7% between 2016 and 2017. But how did storage containers get to be so popular? And are they really worth renting rather than using an off-site storage unit? On Site Storage Units: […]

Boxing Like You Mean It: How To Pack Fast Before A Renovation

You’ve hired a contractor, you have the design ready, and you’ve got all the tools you need. All that’s left to do for your renovation is to clear out the space. How hard can it be to pack up your stuff? As it turns out, packing up your things in a way that’s safe and […]

4 Essential Items You Need Before A Major Renovation

Because we’re living in one of the strongest seller’s markets in living memory, many Americans are choosing to stay put and renovate their homes instead of selling. Housing renovations can be especially beneficial when there simply aren’t enough homes on the market. For instance, even a minor kitchen remodel can improve return-on-investment by 82.7%. But before […]