What Are The Benefits Of Installing Pipe Racks For Storage Containers?

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Custom storage containers are a great way to keep your workplace clean and organized. But custom shipping containers won’t make your work more efficient if you don’t keep your container organized, too.   Like any other item in your inventory, you’ll want to make sure everything in your shipping container is easy to see and […]

The Maine Beer Box: A Taproom On Wheels That’s As Cool As It Sounds

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Have you ever found yourself just hankerin’ for some classic Maine-made beer, but you live across the ocean? Well, have no fear, the Maine Beer Box is here! The custom shipping container turned mobile taproom is as awesome as it sounds, and residents of Leeds, U.K., got to experience it firsthand. Having traveled 3,000 miles across the […]

How Can I Keep My Office Storage Container Organized?

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It’s no secret a shipping container storage rental can do your business good when it comes to providing additional or even exclusive storage space. After all, there are more than 17 million shipping containers currently in circulation.   Yet, your shipping container storage rental can easily go from extra storage dream to disorganized nightmare. How […]

4 Signs You Need A Storage Container After Moving Into A New Office

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There are telltale signs your workplace could benefit from a storage unit after your big office move. Yet, it isn’t always the matter of a growing number of boxes in your office space. In some cases, business owners give up a part of their current storage spaces when they move into a new property. Here […]

How Can I Make My Cargo Container Office More Homey?

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  A growing number of folks are seeing the convenience of using a cargo container as a home office. With a cargo container office, you don’t have to worry about carving out space in your home or renting out an office space that’s far from your house. But just like your traditional home office space, […]

Cargo Storage Containers: Storage Unit Or A Portal In A Box?

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  Storage containers are great for storing belongings, creating makeshift offices, and even connecting strangers from around the world. A Washington, D.C.-based company named Shared Studios has recently created “portals” out of retired cargo transport vessels. The portals are used to allow different groups of people from around the world to sit down and have […]

The Legendary Louis Eagle: How Eagle Leasing Came To Be

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If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Where can I find shipping containers for rent near me?” you may not have heard about the legendary Louis Eagle. Louis Eagle is the president of The Eagle Leasing Co., the largest trailer and container leasing company in the Northeast. With over 88 acres of land across four locations, more […]

Davey Jones’ Locker: What Happens To Cargo Containers That Fall Into The Ocean?

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More than 17 million shipping containers are in circulation worldwide. Every year, these containers make approximately 200 million trips, oftentimes overseas. Unfortunately, massive waves and storms at sea have been known to toss thousands of these shipping containers overboard on the way to their destination. Some of these shipping containers have made it back to […]