Gladhand Locks vs. Kingpin Locks: Which Should You Use?

Once you have all your items loaded into your Storage Trailer. The final step is to shut the door and lock it up — right? Not so fast. You might need additional locks to really secure your trailer and all of its contents. Check out these frequently asked questions to learn more about the differences between kingpin locks and gladhand locks for trailers. Also which ones you should use while your belongings are in storage.

Why Do I Need Extra Locks for My Storage Trailer?

After packing your Storage Trailer, you can secure the door with a lock at the bottom. While this will keep anyone from easily breaking into the trailer and accessing the inside. It won’t prevent another tractor from hooking up to the trailer and taking the whole thing away. Therefore, in addition to locking the door on your trailer, it’s important to make sure that your trailer hookups are also protected. That way no one can simply drive off with your container and all of its contents.

What Is a Gladhand Trailer Lock?

el-glad-hand-lock-640x480-1 Gladhand Locks vs. Kingpin Locks: Which Should You Use?

Gladhand locks are designed to secure the gladhand, which is a coupling device that connects the supply lines on a trailer. It does this by sealing the airlines on your storage trailer. Once this lock is secured on the trailer, it prevents anyone else from hooking up an unauthorized tractor’s airlines to the trailer and driving away with it. It’s a small device, but it has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in theft.

What Is a King Pin Trailer Lock?

KINGPIN-LOCK-DEFAULT_Final4 Gladhand Locks vs. Kingpin Locks: Which Should You Use?

Kingpin locks for trailers are somewhat similar to gladhand locks in that they both prevent other tractors from driving off with your storage trailer. However, a kingpin lock protects a different hookup location on the trailer. This type of lock fits directly over your storage trailer’s kingpin. Which is the round steel shaft located on the bottom so that other tractors cannot back up to your trailer, hook up to the kingpin and take your trailer away.

Which Trailer Locks Should I Use?

You should always make sure your door lock is secure after every time you access your storage trailer. Eagle Leasing also recommends keeping both a gladhand lock and a kingpin lock attached when the trailer is unsupervised. Especially when it’s left overnight or located off-site. These locks provide added layers of protection against theft and make it nearly impossible for other tractors to hook up to your storage trailer. In addition, they provide peace of mind that allows you to rest assured that you’ve done all you can to protect your stored items.

Where Can I Get Gladhand and Kingpin Locks?

At Eagle Leasing, we make it easy to get all the locks you need to secure your storage trailer. Our selection includes easy-to-install king pin locks and gladhand locks to protect against hijacking. In addition, we recommend reinforcing your door lock with our heavy-duty 13-lb. Eagle Lock®.

To get the best locks for your trailer or ask other questions about secure storage, contact us at Eagle Leasing today.