4 Essential Items You Need Before A Major Renovation

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Because we’re living in one of the strongest seller’s markets in living memory, many Americans are choosing to stay put and renovate their homes instead of selling. Housing renovations can be especially beneficial when there simply aren’t enough homes on the market. For instance, even a minor kitchen remodel can improve return-on-investment by 82.7%.

But before you begin your project, there are a few things you may want to have on hand to make your renovation go more smoothly. Here are five things that can help boost the success of your home’s renovation:

  1. Cargo storage containers for rent
    There are up to 300,000 belongings in the average American household, according to the LA Times. Personal belongings can get in the way or become damaged during a renovation of any kind. That said, think about using cargo storage containers for rent to hold your belongings during the renovation. Not only will you make your belongings more secure than they would be at an off-site storage unit, but your belongings will be safe and secure.
  2. Renovation permits
    Permits are important to get in order to secure your renovation projects. You may be able to do some projects like refinish floorboards without a permit, but any project that may impact your neighbors needs a permit.
  3. Someone to watch the kids
    Kids like to be involved in projects, especially the projects their parents are doing. Nothing says ‘I’m a big kid’ like helping mom and dad. Sadly, kids can get in the way of big projects. Find someone who can watch the kids during your renovation project or find something the kids can do to feel helpful and happy.
  4. A contractor you trust
    Contractors are the backbone of many renovations. They move the project from development to start to finish. Be sure to have a contractor by your side that you can trust before beginning on a major renovation.
  5. Know your budget
    Budgets may not be fun, but neither is spending a ton of money you don’t have on granite counter tops. Before you begin any remodel or renovation, have a clear budget set. This will help you determine your purchases and what how to improve your space.

Storage containers for lease are a great way to keep your belongings safe and secure while doing a major renovation project. To learn more about on site storage units, residential storage containers for rent, and shipping container storage rentals, contact Eagle Leasing Company today.