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Messy Office Desk

5 Organization Tips for Shipping Container Offices

With Eagle Leasing and these organization tips, you can get to work and stay productive in a portable office container or office trailer.  Working in...
Single Conex Box

Everything You Need to Know About Conex Boxes

Whether you’ve decided to buy Conex boxes for your belongings or need to know more before you consider a Conex box for sale or...

How to prepare your storage needs for the holidays

Find ample, affordable room for secure holiday storage of commercial or residential goods and furnishings with a leased storage container from Eagle Leasing.

How to Properly Load a Flatbed Trailer

Certain factors need to be considered when loading a flatbed trailer. Find out what they are in this article from Eagle Leasing.

Five Advantages of Renting a Mobile Office

Renting a Mobile Office comes with many benefits, five of which are discussed in this handy Eagle Leasing blog.

What is the best lock for a shipping container?

What is the Best Lock for a Shipping Container?  How to choose the best shipping container lock can begin with one question: how much is what...

Storage Ideas for Schools During Fall 2020

This autumn, as schools get ready to welcome students back after an eventful 2020, teachers and school administrators will be looking for ways to...

What are the Sizes of Shipping Containers?

Find the most common standard shipping container sizes used for domestic and international transport, from the smallest shipping container size to the largest.

Top 10 Best Shipping Container Homes of 2020

Take a look at homes made of shipping containers that are almost container art, plus creative and affordable shipping container homes on the market in 2020.

4 Reasons to Invest in a Storage Container for Your Construction Site

Construction projects require a lot of tools and materials, and it can be difficult to keep track of all of those materials while working...