With Eagle Leasing and these organization tips, you can get to work and stay productive in a portable office container or office trailer

Working in shipping container offices is a blessing for people dealing with large construction projects, flea markets, or moving projects. At Eagle Leasing, our mobile office containers offer a reliable, secure, and comfortable space to work in. They come ready to work, outfitted with desks, filing cabinets, drafting tables, HVAC systems, and more.

But once you get in that office container and get to work, you’ll find that staying organized helps you stay productive. Looking for portable home office ideas? Here are five tips you can put to use when you start working from inside one of our office containers: 

1. Consider paperless office systems. 

If you’re not a paperless office yet, this is a good time to make a switch. The use of electronic records means that all you need for a filing system is a laptop and a reliable server. All that requires is a laptop bag! Additionally, a laptop can power customer-friendly presentations using a larger monitor or a spare TV with an HDMI input or Bluetooth connection. You’ll be able to connect your laptop and share the screen in a way customers will appreciate.

2. Develop a strong filing system.

If you can’t go paperless, then streamline your filing system as much as possible. We make that easy by including file cabinets, but you have the move-in and move-out processes to consider. Developing your system before you move in will save you time and keep you productive.

3. Look for furniture that multitasks.

There is a reason Swiss Army knives and other multi-tools are popular. Find furniture that does double duty, and you’ll be able to save space while increasing versatility. The folding plan tables in our office containers are a good example of this philosophy in practice. 

4. Collect clutter in daily baskets. 

A workday can be crazy. In order to stay on top of all the details and demands, set aside a few baskets, sized for your needs. The clutter of the day can go in that basket, to be dealt with after closing time. This system helps you maximize the space in your office container and lets you stay focused on providing immediate service without creating a mess you have to workaround. 

man-working-phone 5 Organization Tips for Shipping Container Offices

5. Think about touches of decorative comfort.

We pride ourselves on offering quality, well-equipped, and well-serviced office trailers. We make sure they are secure and delivered on time. That being said, decoration is a matter of personal tastes, so our office containers don’t feature a lot of splashy colors or vivid decoration. That’s where you come in. From wall art to throw rugs and even lamps, your office container can benefit greatly from the right decorative touches that speak to your business and workspace preferences. Even if you are working by yourself, you can create an atmosphere that helps you stay focused and productive.

Finishing Touches for Your Business 

A convenient set-up many clients choose to do is arranging a charging station for phones, laptops, and cables. Our containers come equipped with electrical outlets, but we’ve heard from customers who have had success setting up charging stations for phones, laptops, walkie-talkies, and more. It gives them a place to reliably store charging cables, so they always know where to find one. For any questions you have on the uses of office containers and trailers, contact our team or request a quote with the services you have in mind.