Boxing Like You Mean It: How To Pack Fast Before A Renovation

pup trailer rentalYou’ve hired a contractor, you have the design ready, and you’ve got all the tools you need. All that’s left to do for your renovation is to clear out the space.

How hard can it be to pack up your stuff?

As it turns out, packing up your things in a way that’s safe and efficient is as complicated as it is stressful.

One Box At A Time: 8 Tips To Pack Fast Before a Renovation
It’s best to pack in an efficient way to make sure your home improvement project starts on time. To help you pack as quickly as possible, here are eight tips to help you pack without the stress.

  1. Declutter first
    Before you pack up your things, declutter the house first. Throw things away you don’t want or need. If you pack unwanted things, you’ll waste time and be more unwilling to unpack once the renovation’s over.
  2. Get organized
    It’s harder to pack your things when they’re ungrouped and cluttered. Organize your home to make things easier to find.
  3. Pack by room
    You only increase your stress level by packing at random. Pack room by room to keep things organized and your stress under control.
  4. Label everything
    When you’re loading and unloading your boxes, you want to know what it is you’re moving and where. Label your boxes on all sides.
  5. Take pictures of your electronics
     Sometimes labels aren’t enough. Take a picture of the electronics you intend to put in a specific box. This will tell you which electronics are where.
  6. Pack fragile items with care
    Wrap your fragile belongings like dishes in cloth with plenty of packing paper.
  7. Use quality boxes
    The last thing you want is for your boxes to give out when you’re moving them. Use high-quality boxes to prevent cardboard from collapsing.
  8. Create a box of essentials
    Create a box of things you’ll need frequent access to. Keep this box toward the front of your shipping container.

Have You Rented A Storage Container Yet?
On average, it costs up to $10 per square foot to store items in your home. Storage units can be expensive, but it can be a safety hazard to keep belongings in your home during a renovation. Storage containers are not only affordable but you also have easy access to your belongings.

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