Custom Sized Storage Container

  • 30 foot container
  • 15 foot container
  • 5' container with overhead door
  • Custom height container

Sometimes, a standard 10’, 20’ or 40’ storage container just won’t work. That’s where Eagle Leasing comes in!  We can build a container to any size you need.. Anything 40’ or under is possible.

Talk to Eagle Leasing today about the custom length containers you need. In addition to building your container to a size that works for you, we also offer:

• Roll-up doors and man doors
• Windows and added ventilation
• Custom paint
• Panic Bars
• Partitions and more!

Talk to us about the container of your dreams and we’ll help make it a reality.

For more information or questions about our custom sized containers call 1-800-438-3245 or email us your request.