Shipping Container Garage Ideas 

If you’re looking to build a garage or carport, you may find that the traditional options just won’t work for you for one reason or another. Maybe you have limited space to work with, you’re on a tight timeline, or the cost of construction is prohibitive. In that case, it’s worth thinking outside the box to consider a different solution: a shipping container. This idea might seem unusual at first, but it’s gaining in popularity across the country.

Benefits of a Shipping Container Garage or Carport

There are a number of reasons why a carport or garage constructed from a storage container could be a good fit for your needs, including:

  • It’s cheaper: You can save thousands by using a shipping container instead of going with traditional construction methods. Plus, the materials required are much less expensive, and you won’t need as many hours of labor to get the job done.
  • It’s faster: Some container garages are ready for use within minutes of delivery. Even if some construction is required, such as cutting out a wall, the work is minimal compared to constructing a traditional garage.
  • It’s portable: The traditional garage or carport is designed to be permanent. Those made with storage containers, on the other hand, can be moved to other locations in the future.
  • It’s secure: A storage container can be even safer than a typical garage. Heavy-duty storage container locks are great at protecting what’s inside and keeping intruders out.

Shipping Container Garage Ideas

Need a secure place to lock up your belongings? A shipping container can be the perfect solution. It’s great for locking up any items you might keep in a shed, such as sports equipment, motorcycles, tools, lawn equipment, farm equipment or animal feed. It can even be home to a small workshop complete with a work bench and handy supplies.

There’s no need to install a traditional garage door; just use the built-in doors for access, customize the interior with shelves and lighting as needed, and lock it up when you’re not using it. Depending on what’s stored inside and how you’ll use your storage container garage, you may want to add windows or ventilation. These are relatively easy and affordable alterations.

If you’re looking for car storage, keep in mind that single shipping container garages typically aren’t wide enough. To fit a car with enough room to get out on either side, you’ll probably need to combine two containers. That costs a little more; however, you can opt for a shipping container carport instead if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative.

Shipping Container Carport Ideas

shipping-container-carport Shipping Container Garage Ideas 

It’s relatively easy to customize your shipping container to include a carport. There are a couple popular options for this. For example, you can use a single shipping container as the garage space and connect a roof to nearby posts to create a carport covering. If you prefer more storage space, the second option is to get two shipping containers and place them apart from one another. Then, attach a roof between the two to create the carport space.

If you’re interested in a shipping container garage or carport, contact Eagle Leasing to learn more about our inventory of high-quality, durable storage containers.