Whatever your needs, Eagle Leasing has just the right storage solution.

As a proud container rental company, we offer our clients a variety of ground storage containers. For businesses both small and large throughout the northeast, we’re committed to providing effective and easy-to-use storage equipment. Whether you need a trailer, mobile office, or other type of ground storage container, Eagle Leasing has different lengths and accessory options available to further customize your container. Get the extra space you need, and check out our full line of trailer containers today!


Storage Containers

Eagle Leasing offers ground-level containers in various lengths. 


Eagle Leasing also offers a full suite of accessories for your storage containers:

Office Containers

Enjoy the convenience, security and durability of a ground level office.

40′ Office Containers   20′ Office Containers   10′ Office Containers  


Eagle Leasing also offers a full suite of accessories for your office containers:

Office Trailers

Eagle Leasing offers office trailers in a variety of configurations. 


Eagle Leasing offers these accessories for your office trailers:


Eagle Leasing offers trailers in a variety of lengths. 


Eagle Leasing also offers a full suite of accessories for your trailers:

Not sure which kind of storage equipment you need?

Visit our online guide and learn about the various types of
storage equipment, and what they’re best used for.

States We Service

Eagle Leasing provides portable storage equipment in New England,
New York and northern New Jersey.

Why Eagle?

Whether you need storage, road, office, trailer leasing or ground level storage container rentals,
Eagle Leasing delivers when it comes to quality, service and speed.

Prompt Delivery.
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Our customers come first.

Customized Storage Containers

At Eagle Leasing, we offer the largest fleet of storage equipment in the Northeast. However, a standard storage container may not meet your unique needs. In that case, we offer customized storage and office containers. Popular customizations include roll-up doors, personnel doors, partitions, windows, louver vents, custom paint, and custom sizes. Almost anything is possible—just ask!

Call 1-800-GET-EAGLE (1-800-438-3245) for more information about customizing a storage or office container, or to price out your custom project.

Keep Your Belongings Safe for the Season

Holiday spirit is on the rise—and so is theft. Don’t let your storage containers and trailers fall victim to a burglar this season. Protect your equipment and its contents from theft by adding a heavy-duty container or trailer lock to your lease.

We have several options for adding extra security to your storage equipment:

• 13 lb. Heavy-Duty Eagle Locks®
• Locks for Overhead & Swing Doors
• Kingpin Locks
• Glad Hand Locks

Add a lock to your lease and gain peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is protected against break-ins and theft. Happy holidays!