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Custom Lighting Kits for Storage Containers 

See what is inside your container at any time of the day or night! At Eagle Leasing, we offer easy-to-install Storage Container lighting systems to make sure you can always find what you need.

Our storage and shipping container lighting is a surefire way to enhance the use of your Storage Containers — especially at night, when the doors are shut and in other low-light environments. The portable light bars are bright and easy to install, and although it is rechargeable, there’s also an option to plug in the light bar to an outlet if that’s better suited to your needs.

Features of each storage and shipping container lighting kit include:

  • Extremely durable light bar made with a shatterproof clear polycarbonate lens
  • Rechargeable design with a charge that lasts weeks with normal use
  • 120-watt super bright, premium LED bulbs
  • Rubber covered ends for added durability
  • Telescoping brackets, which extend from 47” to 75”
  • Ratcheting brackets to assist with perfect positioning of your light bar(s)
  • Option to plug in to a standard outlet with an electrical cord
  • Cord remains flexible in extreme cold weather and is oil resistant
  • UL approved