Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

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Eagle Leasing’s trailer and container storage accessories allow you to maximize the space, usability, and security of your storage, office, or trailer equipment. Start by choosing your storage container accessories below.

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Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

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EL_Hero_Image_Container_Locks_640x480-1 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
container-lock-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
20-CONTAINER_with_lock-640px Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Protect Your Container From Break-In And Theft!

Order a patented Eagle Lock® and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Storage Container is secured against break-ins. Our 13-pound security locks for shipping containers can save you thousands of dollars by protecting your valuables from theft. When your valuables or merchandise are stored inside, you can count on these locks to keep them safe.

Don’t let time-consuming insurance claims slow down your business or cause you frustration. Instead of filling out those forms after the fact, prevent theft before it happens with our durable, tamper-resistant storage and shipping container security locks.

Eagle Locks® are one of our most popular storage accessories and are used in a variety of applications. These heavy-duty locks for Storage Containers are designed to fit securely on all Eagle Leasing containers and offer the highest degree of protection. Our Eagle anti-theft container locks can also be used on any of our trailers to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the valuable contents within.

EL_Hero_Image_Trailer_Locks Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
roll-up-lock-side-pick_640px Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
eagle-trailer-lock-640px Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
trailer-lock-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Keep Trailers Secure From Break-In & Theft!

Eagle Leasing offers Storage Trailer locks to protect your valuable cargo and equipment.

Protect the valuable contents of your Storage Trailers with our heavy-duty, 13-lb. Eagle Lock®. We have Eagle Locks for all types of trailer doors, whether you have a swing, side or roll-up door style. Our storage door locks can be easily installed by attaching them to locking bars (swing doors) or the locking mechanism (overhead doors), providing a secure closure on any type of door. They’re also adjustable to fit all of our trailer sizes.

When it comes to safety and security, you can never be too careful. That’s why we recommend using these container locks with every trailer. With our locks for trailers, you get superior security for your unit along with peace of mind.

el-glad-hand-lock-640x480 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
gladhand-lock-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Safeguard Your Trailers!

Gladhand locks protect your trailer from hijacking and add another layer of protection for the contents of your container.

When it comes to Storage Trailer security, there is no such thing as too much. Gladhand locks help to protect your shipping container and offer the following benefits:

  • Secures the airlines of your trailer so that it cannot be moved
  • Adjusts to fit on all Eagle Leasing Storage Trailers
  • Provides peace of mind

It is proven that if a thief cannot overtake your equipment within 90 seconds, the chances of being caught are exponentially higher. Use gladhand locks from Eagle Leasing to make sure thieves are unable to target your container and protect your valuables.

kingpin-lock-640x480 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
kingpin-lock-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Prevent Your Trailer From Moving!

Eagle Leasing offers kingpin locks to protect your equipment.

Have peace of mind and prevent unauthorized hookups to your Storage and Road Trailers with our easy-to-install kingpin lock. The Eagle Leasing kingpin locks ensure a high degree of security against theft. A helpful hint while using a Kingpin lock would be to hang a flag or colorful string about 3′ down to prevent a driver from hooking up to the trailer and show it is protected.

ball-hitch-lock-640x480 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Prevent Thieves from Driving Away with Your Office!

Eagle Leasing’s ball hitch lock, prevents thieves from hitching up to your

Eagle Leasing’s sturdy ball hitch lock is one of the most effective methods for locking mobile Office Trailers. This type of lock prevents thieves from hitching up to your mobile Office Trailer and driving away with your business, computer and supplies.

The ball hitch lock is a durable 1/4-inch plate steel and a one-inch solid steel shaft. It fits both ball hitch and ring locks of any size! Built with 3/8-inch plate steel and a one-inch solid steel shaft, these storage and shipping container locks are made to last.

Apply a ball hitch lock to your mobile office to make sure it stays in place. Potential thieves will see this lock and immediately know that any attempts to drive away with your trailer will be fruitless. This simple addition helps to keep your mobile office safe and secure when unsupervised.

shelving-2brackets_640x480 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
container-shelves-1-640px Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
shelves-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
shelving-diagram Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Feel Good About Keeping Your Container Organized!

Keep your storage space neat and organized with customized Storage Container shelving from Eagle Leasing. Our heavy-duty Storage Container shelving fits our 40-foot, 20-foot and 10-foot Storage Containers, ensuring that you can make the most of your space regardless of which container size you need.

These Storage Container shelves are perfect for keeping valuable equipment or merchandise off the floor. This prevents items from becoming wet or dirty as people come in and out of the unit. In addition, it offers easier access by maximizing the available storage space and placing items closer to eye level. By keeping your Storage Container organized and decluttered you are making the interior of the container safer and allowing a more efficient workflow.

Our storage and shipping container shelving brackets can be installed in a matter of minutes and are easily removable. Depending on the size of your unit, you can install your shelves in a variety of locations along the walls, allowing for adjustments to accommodate the size and quantity of your items.

Each 10′ section of shelves includes six 10′ boards and two shelving arms. You can get as many sets of shelves for storage as you need to accommodate your cargo.

Our storage and shipping container racking systems have remarkably high load ratings:

  • 550 pounds per arm
  • 2,200 pounds per two container shelf brackets
  • 4,400 pounds per four container shelf brackets

For shipping purposes: shelves weigh 18 lbs. per shelf and have palletized dimensions of 63” L X 44” W X 31” H, and are freight class 50.

PIPE-RACKS-DEFAULT-640x480 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
pipe-rack-diagram Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
pipe-racks-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

An Organized Container Makes Your Life Easier!

Feeling cluttered and overwhelmed trying to keep all of your belongings organized? Check out our steel pipe racks, ideal for 40’, 20’ & 10’ containers!

For years, plumbers, electricians, and other contractors have taken advantage of our heavy-duty pipe racks. By using pipe racks in a Storage Container, you are able to keep tubing, PVC, and similar items organized neatly off the ground. Eagle Leasing’s pipe storage racks are made of heavy-duty material. These quality pipe racks are the perfect way to preserve storage space within your container. Our pipe racks are customized to fit our 40-foot, 20-foot, and 10-foot storage containers.

This accessory will enable you to easily access your materials. Our steel pipe racks have high load ratings of:

  • 1,100 pounds per bracket
  • 2,200 pounds per two brackets
  • 3,300 pounds per three brackets
  • 4,400 pounds per four brackets

Pipe storage racks are an especially popular accessory for customers in the construction industry. These removable racks are easy to install and are a simple solution for storing pipes safely off the ground. Pipe racks not only keep your container organized but also help preserve storage space, so you get a better return on your storage investment.

For shipping purposes: pipe racks weigh 18 lbs per arm and have palletized dimensions of 72L X 45W X 41 H, and are freight class 50.

a-EL_Hero_Image_LightBars_640x480 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
lights-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Custom Lighting Kits for Storage Containers 

See what is inside your container at any time of the day or night! At Eagle Leasing, offer easy-to-install shipping and Storage Container lighting systems to make sure you can always find what you need.

Our storage and shipping container lighting is a surefire way to enhance the use of your Storage Containers — especially at night, when the doors are shut and in other low-light environments. The portable light bars are bright and easy to install, and although it is rechargeable, there’s also an option to plug in the light bar to an outlet if that’s better suited to your needs.

Features of each storage and shipping container lighting kit include:

  • Extremely durable light bar made with a shatterproof clear polycarbonate lens
  • Rechargeable design with a charge that lasts weeks with normal use
  • 120-watt super bright, premium LED bulbs
  • Rubber covered ends for added durability
  • Telescoping brackets, which extend from 47” to 75”
  • Ratcheting brackets to assist with perfect positioning of your light bar(s)
  • Option to plug in to a standard outlet with an electrical cord
  • Cord remains flexible in extreme cold weather and is oil resistant
  • UL approved

Container_Ramp_640px Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
dolly-ramp-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Wheel In and Out Of Your Container with Ease!

Easily wheel your belongings into your unit with Storage Container dolly ramps. Eagle Leasing’s OSHA-certified container loading ramps for sale or rent are portable, durable and easy to use. Simply slide your dolly wheels onto the ramp and it will roll smoothly in and out of your Storage Container.

Our container ramps have a hook-rail that attaches to the doorkeepers for secure three-point contact and support across the width of the ramp. This helps to ensure the safety of both your belongings and your crew when moving things in and out of the Storage Container.

Specifications for our portable container ramps:

  • Accommodate up to 750 lbs!
  • Weighing in at only 35 lbs
  • Side rails and zigzag pattern for traction
  • 36″ long and 31″ wide

Storage Container ramps are to be used with dollies only.

Forklift_Ramps_640px Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
fork-ramp-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Drive Your Forklift Into Your Container with Ease!

Drive Your Forklift Into Your Container with Ease!

Forklift ramps for containers provide easy access to your unit. Using this type of shipping container ramp is a must when you’re working with heavy machinery like a forklift. Eagle Leasing offers safe, sturdy and easy-to-use shipping container ramps for sale or for rent.

Drive your forklift into your Storage Container to access pallets or other heavy equipment. Save time while increasing productivity with Eagle Leasing’s 10,000-lb. heavy-duty 1/4-inch diamond plate steel ramps.

Features of our loading ramps for shipping containers include:

  • Ramp dimensions: 36” X 16” X 9”
  • Each shipping container ramp only weighs 75 lbs. (two per set)
  • Three-wheel tow motor option available
  • Safe and easy access to your container
  • Easy to set up and remove

To learn more about these ramps, get in touch with our team of storage equipment specialists at Eagle Leasing.


Length: 36.5″
Width: 12″
Height: 6.5″
Side Guard: 3″
Handle Dimensions: 2.5″ x 5″

Degree of incline: 17.8°

weight: 75 lbs (2 per set)

fork-ramp-640px-4 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
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fork-ramp-640px-3 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Storage_Trailer_Stairs_640 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers
trailer-stairs-video-thumb Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Step Right Up!

The perfect solution for safe and easy Storage Trailer access!

Accessing your Storage Trailers has never been easier or safer! Our Eagle Trailer Stairs are engineered with sturdy aluminum extrusions and risers, and also feature Grip-Struttreaded surfaces to ensure reliable footing as you load and unload your trailer.

Eagle Trailer Stairs feature:

  • A 40” rise to access dock height trailers or 48” off the ground.
  • 48″ wide
  • Lightweight (72 lb.) all-aluminum construction which makes steps easy to move
  • Grip-Strut treaded surface for safe loading and slip prevention.
  • Removable handrails for easy storage.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 83L, 48W, 48H.
  • Shipping Weight: 95 lbs.
  • Shipping Class: 300

Get The Protection You Deserve!

Enjoy peace of mind against unforeseen circumstances with a damage waiver from Eagle Leasing. Don’t let an accident leave you high and dry when it comes to financial responsibility. Instead, use our damage waiver to make sure you won’t have to shell out for the costs of repairs or replacement should something happen to your container.

What Is a Damage Waiver?

If your portable Storage Containers, Storage Trailers or mobile Office Trailers are involved in an accident, you are responsible for the repairs. Our comprehensive damage waiver program allows you to opt-out of that responsibility and covers any necessary repairs to your Storage Containers, Storage Trailers or Office Trailers.

Our damage waiver program saves you time and money by eliminating the need to take out a new Storage Container insurance policy or provide a property insurance certificate. Other benefits of our Storage Container damage waivers include:

  • Peace of mind!
  • Limited terms and conditions
  • No need to file claims in the case of damage
  • Less paperwork
  • Immediate settlement
  • Improved cash flow
  • All Eagle Leasing customers are qualified

While you may usually need insurance on rental equipment, Eagle Leasing offers a convenient alternative with our damage waiver program. There’s no need to spend excess time obtaining the proper insurance certificate or deciding on various factors like deductibles and coverage. Instead, our streamlined solution makes it easy to simply sign a damage waiver and get started on your project.

Should damage occur, there’s no need to file a claim that could potentially raise your insurance rates. Our damage waivers are not an insurance policy, which minimizes your company’s loss experience record. Keep in mind that certain losses and damage are not covered, such as fees for towing or neglect of the equipment.

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FAQ: Accessories

Do the 13lb Eagle locks come with a key?

Most of the time the Eagle lock comes equipped with one key. If a customer requires a combination lock that option is available.

Do Eagle Locks work with swing and overhead door trailers?

An Eagle Container lock is a 13-pound lock designed to protect your container against unauthorized entry. An Eagle Trailer lock comes in two designs. The Swing door Eagle Lock weighs 13lbs and provides protection against unauthorized entry. An overhead door Eagle Trailer Lock slips over the overhead door and offers reassurance against theft of the trailer contents. EL_Hero_Image_Trailer_Locks_640x480-300x225 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

What is the difference container shelving and container pipe rack?

Shelving Options for Shipping & Storage Containers

While both pipe rack and shelving in containers are an excellent way to keep your container organized and preserve floor space, they serve two separate purposes. Container shelving is comprised of 3 levels. The Shelving inside the container is best used to organize boxes and parts. Pipe racks have 4 levels of angled steel. These are perfect for storing pipe, electrical lines, conduit, and other items you wish to hold in place.
Pipe-Racks-640x480-300x225 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

What is the difference between a king pin lock and a gladhand lock?

KINGPIN-LOCK-DEFAULT_Final4-150x113 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

King Pin locks

King Pin locks fit over a trailer’s kingpin and prevents an unauthorized tractor from pulling up to your trailer and driving away.
el-glad-hand-lock-640x480-150x113 Accessories for Trailers & Storage Containers

Gladhand locks

Gladhand locks slip over a trailer glad-hands and seals the airlines to prevent an authorized company from moving the trailer.
  We recommend using both locks to provide an additional level of security against the theft of road and storage trailers.  

Are stairs or ramps available for Storage Trailers?

We offer storage stairs for easy access into your Storage Trailers.  Although we don’t offer ramps for our Storage Trailers, we do offer Storage Containers for ground-level access.

How many container locks are required to secure a 20 foot Open Side Container and 40 foot Open Side Container?

Whether it is a 20 foot Open Side container or 40 foot Open Side container, at least 3 Eagle Locks are required to secure the container. One Eagle Lock is put over the center two locking bars on the 8 foot door opening, another Eagle Lock is positioned over the center two locking bars of the 20 and or 40 foot open side of the container, and a lock is required for each end door.

Does Eagle Leasing offer ramps to our customers?

The Eagle Leasing has a container ramp weighing 35 pounds that can handle up to 750 pounds of weight and a Heavy Duty Forklift Ramp which has the capacity to handle 10,000 lbs of weight.


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