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Wheel In and Out Of Your Container with Ease!

Easily wheel your belongings into your unit with Storage Container dolly ramps. Eagle Leasing’s OSHA-certified container loading ramps for sale or rent are portable, durable and easy to use. Simply slide your dolly wheels onto the ramp and it will roll smoothly in and out of your Storage Container.

Our container ramps have a hook-rail that attaches to the doorkeepers for secure three-point contact and support across the width of the ramp. This helps to ensure the safety of both your belongings and your crew when moving things in and out of the Storage Container.

Specifications for our portable container ramps:

  • Accommodate up to 750 lbs!
  • Weighing in at only 35 lbs
  • Side rails and zigzag pattern for traction
  • 36″ long and 31″ wide

Storage Container ramps are to be used with dollies only.

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Drive Your Forklift Into Your Container with Ease!

Drive Your Forklift Into Your Container with Ease!

Forklift ramps for containers provide easy access to your unit. Using this type of shipping container ramp is a must when you’re working with heavy machinery like a forklift. Eagle Leasing offers safe, sturdy and easy-to-use shipping container ramps for sale or for rent.

Drive your forklift into your Storage Container to access pallets or other heavy equipment. Save time while increasing productivity with Eagle Leasing’s 10,000-lb. heavy-duty 1/4-inch diamond plate steel ramps.

Features of our loading ramps for shipping containers include:

  • Ramp dimensions: 36” X 16” X 9”
  • Each shipping container ramp only weighs 75 lbs. (two per set)
  • Three-wheel tow motor option available
  • Safe and easy access to your container
  • Easy to set up and remove

To learn more about these ramps, get in touch with our team of storage equipment specialists at Eagle Leasing.


Length: 36.5″
Width: 12″
Height: 6.5″
Side Guard: 3″
Handle Dimensions: 2.5″ x 5″

Degree of incline: 17.8°

weight: 75 lbs (2 per set)

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