Disaster Shipping Container Solutions

Make sure you’re prepared before hurricanes or other natural disasters strike with our Mobile Storage and Mobile Office solutions.

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Where will you be storing this equipment?

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Where will you be storing this equipment?

Disaster Shipping Container Solutions

Make sure you're prepared before hurricanes or other natural disasters strike with our Mobile Storage and Mobile Office solutions to protect your belongings & ensure you keep your operations on-line.

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Shipping Containers & Mobile Office for Disaster Storage & Recovery

When a natural disaster is about to strike, it’s too late to think about where you’ll store your important personal belongings or the tools and equipment that are essential to your business. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a disaster recovery plan in advance to make sure you’re ready. Shipping Containers and Storage Trailers can help ensure that your items are protected from damage so you can focus on your personal safety and the safety of the people around you. Office Trailers & Office Containers can also provide and usable temporary office space or an on-site command center during the aftermath of the natural disaster to help keep your business running. 

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster  One of the best ways to prepare for a hurricane or other natural disaster is to use shipping container sheds. These containers offer a streamlined way to protect vehicles, tools and much more. Shipping containers can provide a safe location that is constructed from heavy-duty steel and marine plywood to withstand the damage from these storms. Storage Containers offer a large space that can be quickly loaded and locked up before a storm hits, and they make for easier storm clean-up afterwards since items inside will have been shielded from the surrounding damage. Storage Trailers are also a useful, off-the-ground option for storage, allowing dock-level access for easy load/unload. 

What to Store in a Shipping Container  As noted above, vehicles are one of the primary items many people choose to store in a shipping container when a natural disaster is imminent. However, these versatile storage spaces can also be used to help protect furniture, appliances and other important belongings or business essentials. Contact Eagle Leasing to learn more about options for setting up disaster storage using shipping containers. 

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  • Just wanted to thank you for the very fast service and the quality of our new container. You have everything right down to tee when it comes to your ordering process right through to your delivery. Couldn't be any happier.


    Mike's Towing

  • The driver was amazing, he backed down our drive first time and dropped the container exactly where we needed it. He's a great asset to your organization.



  • I have used your firm a few times..  but I want to let you know the Culture and attitude of your firms employees treating customers should be known to all. Even thru these times your firm has demonstrated high customer values…From Terry, the coordinator to the drivers all with the great smile and positive attitude, makes being a customer the pleasant experience.



  • Over the past 12 years, I have rented & leased several 20 ft & 40 ft Storage Containers from Eagle Leasing. I know first-hand why they are rated the best (leader) of storage & trailer truck bodies in the North East. All their equipment is ALWAYS in Top-Notch condition!! The delivery pros are excellent, as well as being on time...!! Keep up the good work...


    MEG Equipment

  • Wow... what can I say! These guys were professional and had great customer skills - something you rarely see these days. When I was shopping for a container, I looked at all the "other competitors", but could not find anyone that could match the price to service as Eagle Leasing. Happy I made the choice.



  • When One Mighty Mill needed a solution to store packaging Eagle Leasing was quick to solve my storage worries. Great rates too!


    One Mighty Mill

  • Our business has been using Eagle Leasing for a 40 foot container for over a decade. We had a container that started to have some issues with the roof drying up and leaking that can happen with time with anything. They went above and beyond to take care of us and switch out our container for a newer unit which houses at times valuable materials for our customers . The driver was amazing and a magician in tight circumstances and went above and beyond. 5 stars for eagle if you need storage needs .


    Google Review

  • Special thanks to Eagle Leasing for all they do to help our organization. Our nonprofit organization has been leasing a container for over 2 years and we have always received excellent AAA+ customer service. I give them a 5+ star rating and i highly recommend them.


    Google Review

  • Great customer service. Amazing drivers (they can deliver a trailer or container anywhere). Quality equipment. Wonderful corporate citizens. My most recent business with the Eagle Leasing family: The Boys & Girls Club of Milford needed an office trailer and a flatbed for their annual pumpkin festival - and the locations for both were a real challenge. It is really something to watch these drivers jockey the equipment into the most inhospitable locations. The response from customer service/dispatch (Pat) was timely, the delivery and pick-up were right on time, the drivers were amazing and customer-service focused; Eagle Leasing was well represented on site. The equipment was clean. Think about all those places you see Eagle Leasing equipment (and you do see them everywhere) - and then think about how the heck they got that trailer or container or flatbed or office trailer into place. Impressive.


    The Boys & Girls Club of Milford

  • Great deal. Both owners friendly and helpful, picked up the phone by themselves and immediately. No hassle going through answer machine and such. Quick delivery, very easy and straight transaction. Highly professional driver - not only skills-wise but polite, pleasant and careful when dropping the container. Helped to decide where to put it so lawn wouldn\'t be damaged. Container itself - it is so clean and neat - nothing like I had a chance to see before using other companies. Price-wise....well if you looking for temporary storage because of remodeling, moving and such, than this is the best way to go. Not only container offered by Eagle is 20' while others like Pack-rat, Pods and Cows do offer 16' max but it is also cheaper, much sturdy and could be put on unpaved road or grass. Bottom line, happy customer. Thanks guys.


    Google Review