What is the difference between a storage trailer and a storage container?

While a Storage trailer sits 52″ off the ground, can be brought to a loading dock and moved on-site, a portable storage container is ground level providing the ability to walk right in. Neither 10′, 20′ or 40′ Containers cannot be moved while loaded.

What is the difference between a storage trailer and road trailer?

A storage trailer is transported by Eagle Leasing to the customer’s site. Although a storage trailer can be moved from loading dock to loading dock and anywhere else onsite, a storage trailer cannot be used to transport goods over the road. Road trailers can be used as storage on site as well to transport cargo to any location within the continental United States.

What is the difference between an Office Trailer and an Office Container?

Although both a mobile office trailer and a ground-level office (GLO) are used as an office during construction and are a great way to add office space on-site, they have some differences. An office trailer is on wheels and can be transported from location to location using a tractor-trailer or an authorized vehicle with a ball hitch lock. An office container is made out of a steel ISO shipping container and provides a rugged exterior for an additional level of security. An office container can be moved with an Eagle Leasing delivery vehicle or lifted on with a forklift.

What are your hours of operations?

CT Hours: 6 am – 6 pm M-F, 6 am-noon Saturday’s

MA Hours: 6:30 am – 5:00 pm M-F, 6:30 am- Noon Saturday’s

Do you deliver on Saturdays?

We pride ourselves on working with you schedule. Saturday deliveries are available for all equipment including storage containers, storage trailers, office trailers, office containers.  Check with our sales team when you place your order

I’m not sure what kind of storage equipment I need. How can I decide?

We understand that storage needs can be complex at times. We’ve developed an online guide to help you understand the best applications for the various types of storage equipment in out fleet. After reading our online guide, if you still have questions or are unsure, you can always call 1-800-GET-EAGLE (438-3245) and speak with a storage equipment expert who will be happy to help you.

What is the minimum amount of time that a storage container, office container, office trailer, storage trailer, flatbed or road trailer can be leased for?

Eagle Leasing is able to structure a storage container rental agreement from one week to five years. If you contact us, we are happy to structure a rental to fit your particular needs.

What items or materials cannot be stored in an Eagle Leasing container, office container, office trailer or storage trailers?

Eagle Leasing does not allow illegal, toxic waste, salt, hazardous, contaminated, controlled, restricted, explosive, flammable, chemical, paint, heirlooms, irreplaceable items, antiques or inherently dangerous materials of any kind to be stored in our equipment. See the Terms and Conditions of the contract for a complete listing of items now allowed to be stored in an Eagle Leasing rental.

Can I stop by to look at the equipment you have available?

Yes, please call or email for an appointment and we will look at the equipment with you during normal business hours.

Do I need a lock for an Eagle Leasing storage container or storage trailer?

There is a place on the container for you to place your own padlock. For additional protection we offer 13 pound heavy-duty Eagle Locks®.

Can I set up auto pay with my friend’s credit card?

No, the credit card must be in your name.

My rental needs change throughout the year; can you accommodate my needs during peak periods?

Yes, we can accommodate your storage container, storage trailer, road trailer, flatbed, office trailer and office container needs for peak periods.

What kinds of accessories are available?

Accessories for storage containers include shelving, pipe racks, lighting, ramps, forklift ramps and heavy-duty Eagle Locks®. Our accessories for storage and road trailers include Eagle Locks®, gladhand locks, kingpin locks, and trailer stairs. The accessories for office trailers include our security package, stairs, and ball hitch locks.

What if I need storage trailer, office trailer, office container, or storage container repaired?

Eagle Leasing will provide all routine maintenance free of charge, otherwise please call Eagle Leasing to discuss the damage.

I see your equipment everywhere, do you have locations all over the country?

No, we only service the Northeast with containers, office containers, office trailers, storage trailers, road trailers and flatbeds, however we do ship our accessories nationwide.

I have storage trailers, road trailers, and storage containers I wish to trade in. Does Eagle Leasing buy used equipment?

Please call us at 800 GET EAGLE (438-3245) or send an email us to with pictures of the equipment and a description and we will respond promptly.

What do customers store in Eagle Leasing storage container, office container, office trailer or storage trailers?

Businesses typically store raw materials, finished goods, merchandise, and equipment. Residences will use portable storage containers for additional storage and household projects.

Storage Containers

Can I get a container with steel flooring?

While storage containers are built with plywood and plank floors, a steel floor can be installed into a storage container.

What are the dimensions of a 40′ high cube openside container?

External Dimensions:

     Length: 40ft
     Width: 8ft
     Height: 9ft 6in

Internal Dimensions:

     Length: 39ft 6in
     Width: 7ft 6in
     Height: 7ft 11in

End Door Opening Dimensions:

     Width: 7ft 4in
     Height: 7ft 6in

Side Door Opening Dimensions:

     Width: 38ft 10in
     Height: 7ft 5in

Internal Capacity:

2,333 Cubic Feet

Does Eagle Leasing have a 40 foot container where the entire side opens?

The Eagle Leasing 40 foot openside container is an ideal solution for oversized cargo, machinery or materials.

Does Eagle Leasing have a 20 foot container where the entire side opens?

The Eagle Leasing 20 foot openside container is a perfect place to store unusually shaped items.

What are the dimensions of a 20′ open side containers?

External Dimensions:

     Length: 19ft 10.5in
     Width: 7ft 11.98in
     Height: 8ft 6.01in

Internal Dimensions:

     Length: 19ft 4.2in
     Width: 7ft 6.04in
     Height: 7ft 6.63in

End Door Opening Dimensions:

     Width: 7ft 3.64in
     Height: 7ft 2.18in

Side Door Opening Dimensions:

     Width: 19ft 2.16in
     Height: 7ft 2.18in

Internal Cubic Capacity:

     1,094.75 Cubic Capacity

Does Eagle Leasing offer a 20 foot High Cube Container?

We have a 20 HC container with an exterior height of 9’ 6” and an internal height of 8’ 10”.

Eagle Leasing 20 foot high cub)e storage container (extra height

What are the dimensions of a 20′ high cube container?

External Dimensions:

     Length: 19ft 10.5in
     Width: 7ft 11.98in
     Height: 9ft 6.02in

Internal Dimensions:

     Length: 19ft 4.2in
     Width: 7ft 8.6in
     Height: 8ft 10.22in

Door Opening Dimensions:

     Width: 7ft 8.13in
     Height: 8ft 5.77in

Internal Capacity:

1,320 CU.FT.

Do shipping containers have titles?

Containers are considered a byproduct of trade, they are not titled.

Can your containers be shipped overseas?

It depends.  Containers for lease do not have a proper maritime seal and are therefore not certified for overseas use.  We do have a select number of containers that are certified for overseas use that are available for sale.

Can we certify a container you own for overseas use?

Yes.  We have a licensed container inspector on staff that can inspect and certify your shipping container for overseas use.

How much room do I need to fit a container on my site?

Our containers come in 40′, 20’ Containers and 10’ lengths. They are delivered on flatbed vehicles where the container slides off like a dumpster. The side with the doors can face either way on the delivery vehicle. The 20’ containers and 10’ containers are delivered on a straight, one-piece flatbed truck that is approximately 28’ long so the truck would need a relatively straight shot of around 50’ in order to drop a 20’ container and about 40’ for a 10’ container. The 40’ storage container is delivered on a tractor-trailer combo unit that is approximately 70’ feet long. This vehicle would need about 100’ feet of a straight shot to deliver a 40’ container. Also, because of the configuration of the delivery vehicle the site needs a fairly wide driveway in order to enter the property.

Can storage containers be moved loaded?

No. Once a storage container is loaded it cannot be moved. The winch of the delivery trucks can only pickup up the weight of an empty container.

What are the internal dimensions of a 20 foot container and what is its cubic space?

The dimensions of a 20′ Container are:

External Dimensions

Length: 20’

Height: 8’ 6”

Width: 8’

Internal Dimensions

Length: 19’ 5-1/2”

Height: 7’ 9-7/8”

Width: 7′ 8”

Cubic Capacity: 1,173 Cubic Feet


What are the internal dimensions of a 40 foot container and what is its cubic space?

The dimensions of a 40′ Container are:

External Dimensions

Length: 40’

Height: 8’ 6”

Width: 8’

Internal Dimensions

Length: 39’ 5-1/2”

Height: 7’ 9-7/8”

Width: 7’ 8”

Cubic Capacity: 2,389 Cubic Feet


Can I choose my own container?

Please take a look at our website to get an idea of what type of portable storage containers Eagle Leasing has in stock. You may also visit our facilities and choose your own container.

How fast can you deliver a storage container?

Whether your needs require a 40 foot container, 20 foot container, or 10 foot container, we can deliver the container within 48 hours from the time your order is placed.

How can Eagle Leasing modify or customize a container?

Eagle Leasing can install roll-up doors, a man door, panic bar, partitions, turbine & louver vents, and much more. Please visit our Custom Containers page or email us for more information.

Can I order a custom color container?

If you provide us with paint chip or PMS/RAL number we can match the color to your needs. We can do this only for long term leases or purchased equipment.

Do you offer 30 foot containers for sale or lease?

Shipping companies manufacture 20 foot containers and 40 foot containers. We are able to cut containers down to any size a customer needs. We can do this only for long term leases or purchased equipment.

Do I need to be present for the delivery of my storage container?

We would prefer that you are present during the delivery to identify the correct place to park the unit on your property, as well as to verify the condition of the container.

How is a storage container delivered?

Eagle Leasing delivers a storage container to your site on a tilt bed trailer. The driver will back into the area, tilt the bed about 15 feet in the air, then the storage container will slide off the trailer onto the ground. The driver will need to pull straight out from under the container. Watch the video to see our fast and easy delivery process.

Is there any site preparation necessary?

We need a surface that is fairly level, smooth, and firm. We prefer to deliver on cement, pavement, asphalt, or gravel but we can deliver on dirt or grass as long as it is not soft or wet. If ground conditions at your location are soft, you may want to consider 2×10, 4×4 or 6×6 hard wood timbers to place under the unit to mitigate sinking into soft ground.

How are Eagle Leasing’s storage containers built?

The storage containers are made of heavy duty steel and the container floors are made of marine plywood.

What is the difference between a storage container and a connex box?

Storage containers, ground level containers, portable storage containers, connex boxes, storage boxes and shipping containers are all the same.

How long can I keep a storage container at my location?

You can keep the portable storage container at your location as long as you need.

Can my storage container be stacked?

Yes, stacking storage containers can be very useful. They can be stacked as high as 6 units. You would need to arrange for a crane on site to do the stacking.

Storage Trailers & Road Trailers

What is the interior height of storage or road trailer?

The interior height of a flat-floor trailer is up to 110 inches. If you are looking for a drop frame trailer, the interior height can be as high as 116 inches.

How many pallets fit in a storage trailer?

The answer depends on the size of the trailer.  For 102 inch wide trailers with a 13’6”, a 53′ trailer holds 26 pallets, a 48′ trailer holds 24 pallets, a 45′ trailer holds 22, and 28′ trailer holds 12 pallets.

Do Road trailers come equipped with logistic post or e-track?

We have some cartage and road trailers equipped with logistic post or e-track.

Does Eagle Leasing have trailers legal to enter California?

Upon request, Eagle Leasing will provide 40′ and 53′ trailers that an equipped with a trailer skirt.

Trailer Skirt

Are flatbed trailers stackable?

Spring ride flatbed trailers are stackable.  Air ride flatbed trailers are only stackable if it is on top of a spring ride flatbed trailer.

Do Flatbed Trailers come with Bulkheads?

All of Eagle Leasing’s Flatbed trailers come equipped with a bulkhead.

I have some very large items that need to be stored, are all your storage trailers the same height and width?

Some of our storage trailers can accommodate items as high as 110″ and as wide as 90″ wide. Please let our sales team know and we’ll be able to suggest which type of unit will work best for your needs

What is required to rent a road trailer?

An approved credit application and proper insurance is required. Fill out our online credit application to get started and an Eagle Leasing representative will contact you

How high are trailers from the ground?

The floor of our storage trailers is generally 52″ from the ground.

What is the difference between e-track and logistic posts?

While e-track and logistic posts are both used to secure cargo to road trailers and prevent the cargo from shifting during transit, there are some notable differences.


E-track is run horizontally across a trailer equidistant on both sides and can be used to secure the cargo in the exact horizontal location. Although Eagle Leasing does not charge for e-track which is already installed, we can install 1 to 3 rows for a customer.


Logistic posts have logistics track built into the equidistant posts of a trailer. Since logistic posts are used as part of the construction of a road trailer, cargo is secured by the strength of the trailer. The disadvantage of logistic posts is that the customer is not able to secure the cargo to the exact horizontal location of a road trailer.


Do the 13lb Eagle locks come with keys?

Most of the time the Eagle lock comes equipped with two keys. If a customer requires a combination lock that option is available.


Do Eagle Locks work with swing and overhead door trailers?

An Eagle Container lock is a 13-pound lock designed to protect your container against unauthorized entry. An Eagle Trailer lock comes in two designs. The Swing door Eagle Lock weighs 13lbs and provides protection against unauthorized entry. An overhead door Eagle Trailer Lock slips over the overhead door and offers reassurance against theft of the trailer contents.

What is the difference container shelving and container pipe rack?

While both pipe rack and shelving in containers are an excellent way to keep your container organized and preserve floor space, they serve two separate purposes. Container shelving is comprised of 3 levels. The Shelving inside the container is best used to organize boxes and parts. Pipe racks have 4 levels of angled steel. These are perfect for storing pipe, electrical lines, conduit, and other items you wish to hold in place.

What is the difference between a king pin lock and a glad hand lock?

A king Pin lock fits over a trailer’s kingpin and prevents an unauthorized tractor from pulling up to your trailer and driving away. A glad hand lock slips over a trailer’s glad hands and seals the airlines to prevent an authorized company from moving the trailer. We recommend using both locks to provide an additional level of security against the theft of road and storage trailers.

Are stairs or ramps available for storage trailers?

We offer storage stairs for easy access into your storage trailers.  Although we don’t offer ramps for our storage trailers, we do offer storage containers for ground level access.

Does Eagle Leasing offer ramps to our customers?

The Eagle Leasing has a container ramp weighing 35 pounds that can handle up to 750 pounds of weight and a Heavy Duty Forklift Ramp which has the capacity to handle 10,000 lbs of weight.

Office Trailers & Office Containers

What is the difference between a mobile office trailer, jobsite trailer, portable office trailer, and a single wide trailer?

There is no difference, they are all considered office trailers.

How many hurricane ties are required for office containers and office trailers?

While office containers do not require hurricane ties since they are a ground-level Office (GLO). Office trailers require the following:

  • 20 foot office trailers require 4 hurricane ties.
  • 28 foot office trailers require 4 hurricane ties.
  • 32 foot office trailers require 4 hurricane ties.
  • 36 foot office trailers require 4 hurricane ties.
  • 40 foot office trailers require 6 hurricane ties.


Are stairs included with your Office Trailers?

Yes, all of our Office Trailers include slip-resistant aluminum stairs. The dimensions of the stairs are 28” by 35”.

What are the electrical requirements for your office trailers?

The office trailers require 220 Volt, single phase, 100 amp service. Your electrician can easily provide this to the electrical panel in the trailer.

When hooking up an office container with a Bard unit what is the correct voltage?

  • If incoming voltage is less than 216V, the Primary Power Tap at the transformer must be changed from “240V” spade to “208V” spade.
  • Failure to do so will cause control voltage of 18v or less, which will cause erratic (or NO) operation in the contactors and relays.
  • Will also cause thermostat failure.

How often should you change the air conditioning filters in an office trailer?

The Eagle Leasing Company recommends changing your office trailer’s air conditioning filters every 60 days under normal weather conditions, and every 30 days under extreme conditions.

What additional security options are available for office trailers?

Mobile office trailers have an option for security bars and windows. If you require a premium durable office trailer on the ground, office containers provide maximum security.