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Storage Protectors provides vital contents insurance and coverage for portable storage customers in the U.S. and Canada. It is a reliable, affordable insurance solution for protecting your personal and business items.

When you insure your storage unit with Storage Protectors, you access the market’s most comprehensive barrier of protection and gain peace of mind that your property is protected at home, at the storage center, or in transport during your move.

Storage Protectors is an ironclad policy with the strength to protect your items. It is customized for your needs and underwritten by an “A” rated insurance carrier.

This A.M. Best “A” rated policy is designed to protect:

  • Personal contents contained in your Eagle Leasing storage container
  • Business contents contained in your Eagle Leasing storage container

Storage Protectors vs. Homeowners’ or Commercial insurance. There is a difference.

Why choose a dedicated supplemental policy over your existing policy? Simple. You get a more affordable, more comprehensive layer of coverage with no risk of a premium increase should a claim occur. Storage Protectors offers:

  • Minimal deductible vs. your existing insurance deductible
  • No risk of a premium increase with claims
  • No need to buy extra coverage or add a rider to your homeowners’ policy
  • Broader coverage for your belongings while in storage
  • A customized policy built specifically for your portable storage needs

Your Contents Are Covered

With Storage Protectors, you can rest assured that your contents are safe and secure no matter where they are. We offer a comprehensive shield of protection against a wide range of losses. It’s a policy that is built to last.

Standard Coverages*
contents-insurance-burglary Contents Insurance
Burglary (forced entry)
contents-insurance-water Contents Insurance
Water Damage
contents-insurance-lightning Contents Insurance
contents-insurance-fire Contents Insurance
Fire / Smoke
contents-insurance-mold Contents Insurance
Mold / Mildew
contents-insurance-pest Contents Insurance
Pest / Vermin
contents-insurance-explosion Contents Insurance
Explosion / Sonic Boom
contents-insurance-wind Contents Insurance
Windstorm or hail
contents-insurance-weight Contents Insurance
Weight of snow, ice or sleet
contents-insurance-vandalism Contents Insurance
Riot / Vandalism
*subject to the policy terms and conditions

Protect your household goods, building materials, retail merchandise and other contents without the hassle and high cost deductible.

Coverage Options
Tier 1$2,000 coverage$250 deductible
Tier 2$5,000 coverage$250 deductible
Tier 3$10,000 coverage$250 deductible
Tier 4$15,000 coverage$500 deductible
Tier 5$20,000 coverage$500 deductible

Benefits of our coverage options (even if you already have insurance)

contents-insurance-cost Contents Insurance


  • Low cost with low deductible
  • Serves as primary coverage which can act as a stopgap to high deductible plans

contents-insurance-efficient Contents Insurance


  • Easy to enroll with no pre-qualification needed

  • Managed on a single invoice with leased unit(s)

  • Only takes a single call to lease units and enroll in coverage

contents-insurance-hastle-free Contents Insurance


  • No need to start/cancel. Coverage is effective immediately upon delivery and automatically ends with the lease

  • No coordination with multiple agencies needed

contents-insurance-penalties Contents Insurance


  • No premium hikes in the event of a claim

  • Protects against cost increases and negative ratings on your existing policy

  • Claims do not affect future rental costs or service

Filing a Claim

  • Promptly report any losses under this coverage.
  • Report loss under this coverage due to any criminal act to the appropriate law enforcement authority.
  • Complete a simple and straightforward damage claim form available online.

Call: (833) 659-7867

Direct all insurance related questions and requests to:

Storage Protectors
2345 E Thomas Rd, Suite 145
Phoenix, AZ 85016-7848
(833) 659-7867

This insurance coverage under this program is offered by Carstin Insurance Partners and administered by Storage Protectors. Coverage is subject to underwriting and specific terms and conditions set forth in the policy. Any questions regarding insurance coverage, limits, etc., should be directed to Storage Protectors at (833) 659-7867. This brochure contains a brief description of coverage available under this policy. The policy contains limitations and exclusions. Full details of coverages are contained in the policy. Should there be any conflicts between this document and the policy, the policy shall govern. Costs may vary by state and are subject to change at any time without notice.

EXCLUSIONS: Damage/theft of property not within a fully enclosed and secured unit. Damage due to named storms, floods, or earth movement. Unexplained disappearance. Does not cover various items including firearms, documents, currency, furs, and animals.

Storage Protectors Terms and Conditions