Storage Container Shelves & Racks

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Feel Good About Keeping Your Container Organized!

Keep your storage space neat and organized with customized Storage Container shelving from Eagle Leasing. Our heavy-duty Storage Container shelving fits our 40-foot, 20-foot and 10-foot Storage Containers, ensuring that you can make the most of your space regardless of which container size you need.

These Storage Container shelves are perfect for keeping valuable equipment or merchandise off the floor. This prevents items from becoming wet or dirty as people come in and out of the unit. In addition, it offers easier access by maximizing the available storage space and placing items closer to eye level. By keeping your Storage Container organized and decluttered you are making the interior of the container safer and allowing a more efficient workflow.

Our storage and shipping container shelving brackets can be installed in a matter of minutes and are easily removable. Depending on the size of your unit, you can install your shelves in a variety of locations along the walls, allowing for adjustments to accommodate the size and quantity of your items.

Unlike the competition, our shelves are 10′ sections and include six 10′ boards and two shelving arms. You can get as many sets of shelves for storage as you need to accommodate your cargo.

Our storage and shipping container racking systems have remarkably high load ratings:

  • 550 pounds per arm
  • 2,200 pounds per two container shelf brackets
  • 4,400 pounds per four container shelf brackets

For shipping purposes: shelves weigh 18 lbs. per shelf and have palletized dimensions of 63” L X 44” W X 31” H, and are freight class 50.

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An Organized Container Makes Your Life Easier!

Feeling cluttered and overwhelmed trying to keep all of your belongings organized? Check out our steel pipe racks, ideal for 40’, 20’ & 10’ containers!

For years, plumbers, electricians, and other contractors have taken advantage of our heavy-duty pipe racks. By using pipe racks in a Storage Container, you are able to keep tubing, PVC, and similar items organized neatly off the ground. Eagle Leasing’s pipe storage racks are made of heavy-duty material. These quality pipe racks are the perfect way to preserve storage space within your container. Our pipe racks are customized to fit our 40-foot, 20-foot, and 10-foot storage containers.

This accessory will enable you to easily access your materials. Our steel pipe racks have high load ratings of:

  • 1,100 pounds per bracket
  • 2,200 pounds per two brackets
  • 3,300 pounds per three brackets
  • 4,400 pounds per four brackets

Pipe storage racks are an especially popular accessory for customers in the construction industry. These removable racks are easy to install and are a simple solution for storing pipes safely off the ground. Pipe racks not only keep your container organized but also help preserve storage space, so you get a better return on your storage investment.

For shipping purposes: pipe racks weigh 18 lbs per arm and have palletized dimensions of 72L X 45W X 41 H, and are freight class 50.