Custom Office Containers

Eagle Leasing delivers Office Containers throughout the Northeast. When one of our standard office containers doesn’t meet your needs, we can still accommodate you! Check out our modified ground-level Office Containers and learn about the additional features that are available for our Office Containers:



EL_8x40_Triple_Office_Container Custom Office Containers

Above is standard layout of 40′ triple Office Container.  Customize your space into whatever configuration meets your needs.



doors-windows-300x225 Custom Office Containers

Interior and exterior doors can be added for convenient access both inside or outside your Office Container.



windows-300x225 Custom Office Containers

We can add as many windows as you like, in whatever size you’d like them. Our expert team can put the windows where you may need them on the outside of the Office Container.



bathroom-300x225 Custom Office Containers

Upgrade your container with running water, flushing toilets, showers, sinks and more amenities that come along with plumbing!



air-conditioning-300x225 Custom Office Containers

Premium HVAC is included in all Office Containers; however, for specialized needs, other options are available.



kitchen-300x225 Custom Office Containers

Eliminate the need to furnish your Office Container and have us build it right into your container.



lockers-300x225 Custom Office Containers

Perfect for any Office Container that will be used by a large group of people!



03-Custom-Office-Container-ready-300x225 Custom Office Containers

Interior and exterior paint help you match your container to your business colors.


Need a customization not listed above? Just ask! Call 1-800-GET-EAGLE (438-3245), email us, or fill out a quote for the custom Office Container you have in mind.