Eagle Locks for Trailer & Container Security

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Protect Your Container From Break-In And Theft!

Order a patented Eagle Lock® and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Storage Container is secured against break-ins. Our 13-pound security locks for shipping containers can save you thousands of dollars by protecting your valuables from theft. When your valuables or merchandise are stored inside, you can count on these locks to keep them safe.

Don’t let time-consuming insurance claims slow down your business or cause you frustration. Instead of filling out those forms after the fact, prevent theft before it happens with our durable, tamper-resistant storage and shipping container security locks.

Eagle Locks® are one of our most popular storage accessories and are used in a variety of applications. These heavy-duty locks for Storage Containers are designed to fit securely on all Eagle Leasing containers and offer the highest degree of protection. Our Eagle anti-theft container locks can also be used on any of our trailers to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the valuable contents within.

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Keep Trailers Secure From Break-In & Theft!

Eagle Leasing offers Storage Trailer locks to protect your valuable cargo and equipment.

Protect the valuable contents of your Storage Trailers with our heavy-duty, 13-lb. Eagle Lock®. We have Eagle Locks for all types of trailer doors, whether you have a swing, side or roll-up door style. Our storage door locks can be easily installed by attaching them to locking bars (swing doors) or the locking mechanism (overhead doors), providing a secure closure on any type of door. They’re also adjustable to fit all of our trailer sizes.

When it comes to safety and security, you can never be too careful. That’s why we recommend using these container locks with every trailer. With our locks for trailers, you get superior security for your unit along with peace of mind.

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Safeguard Your Trailers!

Gladhand locks protect your trailer from hijacking and add another layer of protection for the contents of your container.

When it comes to Storage Trailer security, there is no such thing as too much. Gladhand locks help to protect your shipping container and offer the following benefits:

  • Secures the airlines of your trailer so that it cannot be moved
  • Adjusts to fit on all Eagle Leasing Storage Trailers
  • Provides peace of mind

It is proven that if a thief cannot overtake your equipment within 90 seconds, the chances of being caught are exponentially higher. Use gladhand locks from Eagle Leasing to make sure thieves are unable to target your container and protect your valuables.

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Prevent Your Trailer From Moving!

Eagle Leasing offers kingpin locks to protect your equipment.

Have peace of mind and prevent unauthorized hookups to your Storage and Road Trailers with our easy-to-install kingpin lock. The Eagle Leasing kingpin locks ensure a high degree of security against theft. A helpful hint while using a Kingpin lock would be to hang a flag or colorful string about 3′ down to prevent a driver from hooking up to the trailer and show it is protected.

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Prevent Thieves from Driving Away with Your Office!

Eagle Leasing’s sturdy ball hitch lock is one of the most effective methods for locking mobile Office Trailers. This type of lock prevents thieves from hitching up to your mobile Office Trailer and driving away with your business, computer and supplies.

The ball hitch lock is a durable 1/4-inch plate steel and a one-inch solid steel shaft. It fits both ball hitch and ring locks of any size! Built with 3/8-inch plate steel and a one-inch solid steel shaft, these storage and shipping container locks are made to last.

Apply a ball hitch lock to your mobile office to make sure it stays in place. Potential thieves will see this lock and immediately know that any attempts to drive away with your trailer will be fruitless. This simple addition helps to keep your mobile office safe and secure when unsupervised.