E-Tracks, Logistic Posts, and Load Bars—Oh My!

When it comes to transporting goods via road trailers, effectively securing the cargo with reliable solutions is essential to ensure a safe delivery. E-track and logistic posts are two popular systems used for this purpose, although they operate differently. This guide explores their distinctions and introduces load bars as another option to help you decide which system suits your needs.

E-Track: Versatility and Precision

Etrack-640px E-Tracks, Logistic Posts, and Load Bars—Oh My!

E-track systems offer versatile cargo securing solutions. Horizontal tracks are installed on the inner walls of a trailer, providing adjustable anchor points for precise cargo placement. These tracks work seamlessly with various accessories like straps, bars, and hooks.

Key Features of E-Track:

  • Horizontal Placement: Offers multiple anchor points for versatile securing.
  • Customizable: Install up to three rows for enhanced options.
  • Cost-Effective: Eagle Leasing provides e-track-equipped trailers at no additional charge when available.

Logistic Posts: Integrated Strength and Stability

LogisticPosts-640-300x225 E-Tracks, Logistic Posts, and Load Bars—Oh My!

Logistic posts, part of the trailer’s structure, provide a robust securing solution by utilizing the trailer’s inherent strength. While they offer strong anchor points, they lack the horizontal adjustability of e-track systems, potentially affecting cargo placement precision.

Key Features of Logistic Posts:

  • Structural Integration: Built into the trailer for strong support.
  • Flexible Vertical Positioning: Adjust height to secure various cargo sizes.
  • Fixed Points: Offers strong but less precise securing options.

Load Bars: Simple and Effective

load-bar E-Tracks, Logistic Posts, and Load Bars—Oh My!

Load bars are extendable, lockable bars that provide a pressure fit within the trailer. They offer versatility and can complement e-track and logistic posts for improved security.

Key Features of Load Bars:

  • Easy to Use: Quick adjustment and removal for flexible securing.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various trailer types and temporary needs.
  • No Installation Required: Provides flexibility without permanent fixtures.

Choosing the Right System for Your Needs

When selecting between e-track, logistic posts, and load bars, consider the cargo type, frequency of use, budget, and the potential benefits of combining these systems.

Factors to Consider:

  • Type of Cargo: Determine if precise positioning or fixed points are preferred.
  • Frequency of Use: E-track is ideal for frequent adjustments.
  • Budget: E-track is cost-effective, while other options offer unique advantages.
  • Combination Use: Consider using multiple systems for enhanced security.

Partner with Eagle Leasing for Your Trailer Needs

At Eagle Leasing, we recognize the importance of the right equipment for safe and efficient cargo transport. Whether you need a storage trailer or a road trailer, we offer various options tailored to your specific needs.

From flexible e-track systems to robust logistic posts, we have the right trailer for you. Reach out today to discuss your requirements and find the perfect trailer solution that aligns with your cargo transportation or storage needs.