Five Advantages of Renting a Mobile Office

40' Office Container

When you need extra business space and need it fast, a mobile Office Trailer or ground level Office Container may be just the solution you’re looking for. Leasing an office trailer is a fast, convenient and affordable option for providing extra space for all types of businesses. Check out five of the most convenient benefits below.  

1. Fast Delivery

When you’re stuck on a job site for months, or find your current office too cramped to get anything done, you don’t have to wait for space to be built. A mobile office can be quickly delivered to your site, no matter where you may be. Eagle Leasing covers a lot of the Northeast, with deliveries in eight different states for your convenience.  

EL_OfficeContainer_OfficeTrailer_640x480-e1566913515275 Five Advantages of Renting a Mobile Office

2. Ready-to-Use Office

Once your mobile office gets delivered, it’s ready to use. That means it’s already equipped with air conditioning, heat, overhead lighting and electrical outlets. You’ll also find ready-to-use desks, folding plan tables, filing cabinets and other built-in features, depending on the size and configuration of the trailer you choose.  

3. Variety of Options  

Even if all mobile offices come with electricity and certain features, there is a variety of different sizes and configurations from which to choose. First of all, there are two different types of mobile offices, ground level Office Container (GLO) and an Office Trailer on wheels. You can opt for a single office space that’s 20 feet long, a double that’s 32 feet long or even a triple office space that’s 40 feet long. Office and storage combinations are also available, as are accessories, such as trailer skirts and damage waivers. 

The variety of options makes it easy to use an office trailer as an office — and so much more. Some businesses use them for expanding their retail operations, selling and storing overstock, or for providing a temporary space while they’re waiting for a permanent structure to be built.  

They can also be used for ticket booths, change trailers, as a gift shop or concession stand, or as classrooms or meeting rooms. Some of our clients include hospitals, government agencies, municipalities, educational organizations and more. 

EL_Office_Container_Flipper_1400x750-3-1024x549 Five Advantages of Renting a Mobile Office

4. Easy Portability  

You already know you can have a mobile office trailer delivered to your location. The portability of the trailer lets you move locations if needed — without giving up the office space. This can come in handy if you’re moving to different job sites or have a traveling business that requires a professional space wherever it goes.   

High-quality Office Trailer come with durable trailer hitches attached. That means moving the trailer is easy and convenient, especially if you give us a call to come do it for you.  

5. Cost-Effectiveness 

Building an office is a huge expense, much more costly than leasing a readymade trailer. Because they’re prefabricated, mobile office trailers save you money. They also help you save by coming with a number of built-in features you don’t have to supply. The ability to move the trailer when you need to is another big plus since you don’t have to worry about breaking a lease and hunting for a new space to rent. 

With fast delivery, readymade features, easy portability, a variety of options and an affordable price, a mobile office trailer may make perfect sense for your business. Learn more by browsing our options or calling Eagle Leasing at 1-800-GET-EAGLE (1-800-438-3245) today.