How to prepare your storage needs for the holidays

How to Prepare For Your Holiday Storage Needs  

Holidays can take up a lot of space when you consider how much room for holiday storage you will need for residential or commercial seasonal needs. There can be any number of questions running through your head during this festive, but busy, time. 

How do you find enough storage space to avoid running out of inventory during holiday shopping seasons?  

How do you create more space at a commercial warehouse?  

Residential holiday storage needs can lead to bigger space demands, too. 

Commercial Holiday Storage Demands 

Retailers stock up each season to meet holiday demands for items ranging from grocery store goods to big-ticket furnishings in demand as gifts for Christmas and other holidays. Commercial warehouses that supply retailers and consumers need more space to hold goods and furnishings for their customers. 

To create more space to meet social distancing demands, stores and warehouses need more floor space. Existing storage space is too often inadequate when meeting new social distancing requirements demanded of all businesses to prevent the spread of dangerous viruses — especially during busier holiday months. Retailers specifically need dock-height storage to make it easy to park against a loading dock, which makes Storage Trailer the perfect solution.  

Businesses that must adjust for seasonal demands often need extra office space and storage, if only seasonally.  

Residential Holiday Storage Demands 

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Creating more space during the holidays is a challenge for homeowners, too. Guests and holiday events create demands for more space inside and outside homes. Basements and closets too often prove inadequate when extra space is needed. 

Between seasons, seasonal recreational equipment ranging from water skis and boats to jet skis, motorcycles, and campers can create the demand for bigger, more secure storage options. Building a new garage can be financially formidable, if not impossible for many residential storage budgets.  

Like business owners, homeowners today must consider the need for more space created by new social distancing demands to prevent viruses from spreading in close confines.  

Best Commercial Holiday Storage Solutions 

The worst commercial holiday storage mistakes can come true when underestimating storage space needs. Ample inventory is vital to retailers and wholesale operations, especially during high-demand holidays. Yet, building new warehouses or buying massive shipping containers can drain commercial budgets. 

Leasing commercial storage containers are the most cost-effective solution for holiday inventory storage. Leased commercial storage trailers and seasonally rented mobile office storage containers also represent a fraction of the cost of building permanent structures. 

Simply place them on a backlot at a warehouse or on property adjacent to a store operation. Mobile office space in the form of leased shipping/storage containers specially designed for office operations offers the best opportunities to position your office conveniently close to clients.  

Best Residential Holiday Storage Solutions 

When it comes to large-item storage, shipping containers for residential use are becoming the most popular way to make more space during holidays and to securely store seasonal equipment and furnishings between holidays. 

Park a 10-ft., 20-ft. or 40-ft. shipping container on or near your property to hold furnishings, vehicles, and more. Leasing a storage container is the best answer to the need for extra seasonal storage space that’s not required year-round.  

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In the U.S., Eagle Leasing has been serving year-round and holiday storage customers since 1967. Both residential and commercial residential customers lease shipping containers for holiday storage of unused vehicles and maintenance equipment.  

Eagle Leasing also offers affordably priced holiday storage container accessories for shipping containers used as storage. Purchase shelves designed for use inside shipping containers to organize residential furnishings or commercial inventory. Order inexpensively priced inside lighting to navigate the contents of your shipping/storage container more safely. 

For the lowest costs on premium shipping/storage container locks to safeguard your stored contents, Eagle Leasing is where you’ll find its famed Eagle Lock, the company’s trademarked 13-lb. heavy-duty steel container lock.  

To learn more about how leased shipping containers and storage container accessories are meeting modern storage demands, contact the storage pros at Eagle Leasing.