What is the best lock for a shipping container?

What is the Best Lock for a Shipping Container? 

How to choose the best shipping container lock can begin with one question: how much is what you are storing inside this container worth to you? Answering this question is by no means a suggestion to start thinking about how to purchase the highest-priced lock. 

Considering your content’s worth is a suggestion to consider that a high-security shipping container lock should be of considerable importance. 

Shipping containers are such versatile storage choices that the word “shipping” becomes just one defining word. Solidly built shipping containers are often used for on-site or off-site storage at homes and businesses.  

Homeowners know that residential-use shipping containers for lease can hold a home’s furnishings during renovations. Retailers use them to store excess or seasonal inventory. For large infrastructure projects, contractors can lease shipping containers to hold work equipment and large quantities of supplies, according to the shipping container leasing pros at Eagle Leasing.  

In this era of global pandemics, the need for social distancing to help prevent the spread of deadly viruses becomes another factor in the growing appeal of shipping containers. At factories and warehouses, creating more floor space for more social distancing can be answered with commercial leasing of shipping containers. 

A dramatic increase in severe weather events in recent years has also led to new levels of shipping container rental demand to replace traditional wooden storage sheds and aging storage warehouses. Lastly, increasingly mobile businesses are creating demand for temporary office containers. Consider these various uses as they apply to you in reviewing the below information on choosing the best lock for storage containers. 

Securing Shipping Container Contents 

All shipping containers require locks to secure their contents. Knowing how to choose the right shipping container lock for your needs becomes a matter of security, durability, and cost.  

A 2019 survey by the security company Tripwire of commercial storage container renters and owners reported that 60% of those surveyed had faced a container security challenge within one year’s time. 

Shipping container lock styles include traditional padlocks, keyless locks, disc locks and crossbar locks. Some keyless locks have Bluetooth compatibility. Simple padlocks can cost as little as $20 or less, while other styles with lots of extra features can cost hundreds of dollars. With this many options, it’s no wonder so many people have encountered storage security obstacles in a year. So, which shipping container lock should you choose? 

Worst Shipping Container Locks 

Simple keyed padlocks used with chains to secure shipping container doors can be easily undone with simple bolt-cutting tools. Snap the chain, break the bolt, then you’re done. Keyless padlocks are less easy to thwart, but not by much. 

Better Shipping Container Locks 

Disc locks are better able to withstand a good pair of bolt cutters and the elements. Unfortunately, these locks do not fit most types of container and can still be picked or broken.  

Shipping container crossbar locks are better choices for safeguarding shipping container contents. They have extended clamps that attach to the container’s door, and they have a secure keyed lock mechanism to fasten the clamps in place.  

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The Best Shipping Container Lock  

The best shipping container lock is a patented storage container lock that’s 13-pounds strong. Eagle Leasing, an American family business that opened in 1967, keeps their customer’s belongings secure with their signature Eagle Lock®. This heavy-duty steel invention offers the best security against break-ins. The enhanced-security Eagle Lock shipping container lock is reasonably priced.   

The Eagle Lock® installs in just a few seconds, too. Eagle Leasing also sells affordably priced shelves to organize the internal contents of your leased shipping container or an Eagle Leasing Shipping Container, Mobile Office or semi-trailer. You can trust the pros at Eagle Leasing to outfit your storage with locks, shipping container lights, storage containers, ramps and more.