Yard Storage vs. Self-Storage: Which Is Right for You?

Yard Storage vs Self Storage

Storing your stuff is easier than ever, but with many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right storage solution for your needs. Pricing, availability, ease of access and other factors can all play into which storage solution best fits your needs. This is especially true depending on the types of belongings you wish to store and how long you intend to leave your stuff in storage. 

Since the 1960s, Eagle Leasing has been helping people with their storage needs, so we know a thing or two when it comes to the differences between yard storage and self-storage services. We’ve designed this guide to help you pick the best storage solution for you, but you can always reach us by phone or email if you want help from our storage experts. 

What Is Yard Storage? 

Yard storage typically refers to a lot where you can store your belongings. If you already have a storage container, trailer or large items that take up a lot of space, a storage yard is a great solution. These yards are also a great solution if you are renting a container or trailer but don’t have enough space on your property to store it. 

Storage yards are generally large lots with plenty of space for your belongings. Yard storage usually offers space that is outdoors and uncovered, though some lots may provide canopies or other forms of outdoor protection. Eagle Leasing’s secure storage yards have trailer and equipment parking available. 

What Is Self-Storage? 

Self-storage refers to storage containers, storage units and other forms of storage where you rent out equipment or a facility to keep your possessions in. Individuals are generally responsible for accessing their own possessions. With yard storage, you are essentially renting access to a location, but you can keep your self-service storage solution, such as a shipping container, in the yard. In that way, they can work together. 

Which Storage Solution Is Right for Me? 

You should consider yard storage over self-storage if: 

  • You already have a storage container or trailer that you need to park somewhere off-site. 
  • You need long-term storage that you don’t intend to access as often. 
  • You don’t mind leaving your storage container or possessions outdoors. 
  • Your storage needs exceed what would fit in an ordinary self-storage unit or facility. 

You should consider self-storage if: 

  • You don’t own a storage solution already and just want to rent one. 
  • You plan to regularly access your possessions. 
  • You are storing possessions or items that will fit in a unit or container. 

Contact Eagle Leasing for Your Storage Needs  

Whether need self-storage in the form of a storage container, yard storage to accommodate that shipping container, or both, Eagle Leasing is here to help! We are the largest trailer, office and container leasing company in the Northeast. We offer many different self-storage services and solutions and four different storage yards.  

Reach out to us today to learn how you can store your possessions at an affordable price with Eagle Leasing.