10′ x 40′ Triple Office Trailer

More office space for your business!

This office trailer unit provides you with the two or three rooms you could use for both private offices and the ability to host small meetings in a conference room setting. Each 2 or 3 room unit 10’ x 40’ office trailer (10′ x 44′ office trailer with hitch) is fully equipped with:

  • Two sets of stairs
  • Central air conditioning & heat
  • Electric Outlets
  • Desks, Table, Filing Cabinets & Overhead Shelving

Eagle Leasing’s dispatchers will work with you to schedule your delivery of the office trailer. Our experienced drivers will deliver and set up your 10’ x 40’ office trailer and two sets of aluminum stairs at your site.



Mobile Office Solutions Specifications Guide




10×40 office trailers come with 2 or 3 room configurations.

10X44 office trailer weighs approximately 11,200 lbs.


Eagle Leasing also offers a full suite of accessories for your office trailer or office container:

Protect your office trailer – and everything in it! Prevent theft, ensure the safety of your employees and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your office trailer is protected with our security package. Perfect for office trailers of any size and configuration, our security package includes metal security screens for windows. Protect what’s […]

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Keep Your Office Trailer From Moving! Prevent thieves from driving your office away! Eagle Leasing’s ball hitch lock, prevents thieves from hitching up to your mobile office trailer and driving away with your business, computer and supplies. The ball hitch lock is a durable 1/4” plate steel and a 1” solid steel shaft. It fits […]

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Get The Protection You Deserve! Enjoy peace of mind against unforeseen circumstances. If your portable storage equipment or mobile office trailers are involved in an accident you are responsible for the repairs. Our comprehensive Damage Waiver program allows you to opt out of that responsibility and covers any necessary repairs to your storage containers, trailers […]

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