What Equipment Do You Need?

EL_Big4_2018_960x330-2 What Equipment Do You Need?

Not exactly sure which type of equipment is right for your needs or which size and configuration to choose? Eagle Leasing is here to help. With a comprehensive container and trailer guide to help walk you through our options so you can choose the ideal piece of storage equipment for your project. At the Eagle Leasing company, we carry a variety of Storage Containers and Trailers to fit every need. Whether you’re looking for basic box storage or a mobile command base for your job site, we’re here to help.

Storage Containers

Storage Containers are best for situations where you require ground level access and need temporary or long-term storage space. Once loaded with items storage containers do not move. They are weather-resistant, but not climate controlled and they do not require an electrical hookup. Eagle storage units are available in three lengths:

EL_WSEDYN_40Container_640x480_Mobile-300x225 What Equipment Do You Need?


These large storage units are perfect for retailers, contractors, and manufacturers. A 40’ container is our largest ground unit.

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EL_WSEDYN_20Container_640x480_Mobile-300x225 What Equipment Do You Need?


Medium-sized Storage Containers can be utilized for a wide range of uses. Popular with contractors, manufacturers, schools, municipalities, and homeowners. A 20’ container is the largest unit we can bring to a residence.

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EL_WSEDYN_10Container_640x480_Mobile-300x225 What Equipment Do You Need?


These containers fit perfectly for any situation where space is tight or for small scale projects.

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Trailers are an ideal solution for businesses in need of portable storage at a loading dock or where it may be necessary to relocate the unit after it is loaded. For mobility, trailers have wheels and can be stored on-site or brought to one of Eagle’s secure storage facilities. They’re ideal for businesses that are relocating or for companies that need to store items off-site.

EL_WSEDYN_Storage_Trailer_640x480_Mobile-300x225 What Equipment Do You Need?


Preferred by retailers, distribution centers, manufacturers and municipalities who need a temporary warehouse on wheels. Storage trailers can remain on-site loaded or may be transported to another location.

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EL_WSEDYN_Road_Trailer_640x480_Mobile-300x225 What Equipment Do You Need?


Road Trailer rentals are great for distribution centers, manufacturers, trucking companies or any business looking to increase the size of its semi-trailer fleet. Available in lengths between 28’ and 53’ to meet the demands of your business.

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EL_WSEDYN_Flatbed_Trailer_640x480_Mobile-300x225 What Equipment Do You Need?


Flatbed Trailer rentals are an excellent way to meet your business’s increased trucking, distribution and rigging needs. We offer extendable, double drop and drop-deck flatbeds for easy loading and unloading of freight. Flatbed trailers are available in lengths between 40’ and 48’.

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Mobile Offices

Office Trailers and Office Containers enable a business to operate from virtually anywhere — job sites, event venues, you name it. They’re ideal for temporary events and construction sites. Our Mobile Office Trailers and Containers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs. Our small construction trailers are available for short-term or long-term rentals.

8x20_Office_Trailer-640px-2 What Equipment Do You Need?


Office trailers are portable offices that can be delivered to a location of your choice. Great for ongoing job sites that require a central office location in close proximity to wherever construction is actively happening. Access to office trailers are available via OSHA platform stairs, which are included.

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EL_WSEDYN_Office_Container_640x480_Mobile-300x225 What Equipment Do You Need?


Office containers are ground-level for easy access and offer HVAC, electrical outlets, desk(s), plan table(s), filing cabinet(s) and shelving. Choose from single, double or triple office containers with a storage option.

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EL_WSEDYN_Guard_Shack_640x480_Mobile-300x225 What Equipment Do You Need?


These 10’ office containers are perfect for one to two people and can fit into tight spaces with ease. Excellent as a security checkpoint in your residential development, office complex or construction site.

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Still not sure what equipment you need?

Call 1-800-GET-EAGLE (438-3245) or email us today to ask questions from an Eagle Leasing storage equipment expert. Our experts are able to discuss your needs and recommend products that are right for you. They can also answer any questions you may have or provide a competitive quote.