10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Storage Container

There’s a lot you can store in a storage container, especially if you use our guide to organize and maximize your total storage space. However, you can also add a few accessories to make your storage container even better. While they might take away how much you can store, the tradeoff is that it will be easier to access and protect the items you put in your storage unit.

Looking for ideas on how to use accessories to improve your storage container? Here our 10 of our favorite storage container accessories from the storage experts at Eagle Leasing:

A Few Small Notes About Storage Container Accessories

The following accessories are not listed in no particular order, and you should consider the accessory that is most appropriate for your particular container or unit. Accessories do take up space, so don’t feel compelled to include accessories that don’t contribute to your container.

In addition, please be aware that there may be rules about what you can and can’t store in your storage container if you are renting. There are also likely rules about the modifications you can make. 

All of the accessories listed below can be moved in and out of a storage container without making permanent modifications to the storage container. Be aware that you may be fined if you rent a container and decide to drill in shelves, lighting, electronics and other accessories.

The Eagle Leasing Top 10 List of Shipping Container Accessories

1: Container Locks: One of the most important accessories for your storage container is the container lock. While some units and storage facilities come with their own security system, you can’t be too careful about protecting what you put inside your container. Besides common hand locks, we suggest checking out dedicated container locks, including the Eagle Lock® designed specifically for storage containers.

2: Shelving or Organizational Boxes: Rather than trying to pack your storage container to the brim, we highly recommend putting shelving, boxes or other organizational systems into your container. Not only will it make it easier to find what you’re looking for when you need to pull stuff out, but it can also make packing objects easier rather than just trying to stack them on top of each other. 

3: Labels and Inventory Systems: The other major organizational accessory we recommend for storage containers includes labels and inventory tracking systems. This might be as simple as writing on boxes with a sharpie, printing out official labels to mark containers, or even including a small map to help you remember where you put certain objects in your storage container.

4: Moveable Ramps: We highly recommend putting a movable ramp inside your storage container if you intend to store heavy items or those that can slide on wheels. While the entryway into containers isn’t usually that high off the ground, a flat surface as opposed to that step can make a huge difference when moving heavy objects. Once you’re done organizing, pick up the ramp and slide it back into the container until you need it again. Be sure to be mindful of the weight capacity of the ramps you plan to use – as there are specific ramps for hand dolly and forklifts.

5: Lighting: Not all storage containers have built-in lighting, but there’s no reason why you can’t include your own. A few portable battery-powered LED lights can make a huge difference, and with the right kind only have to be replaced once or twice a year. If you need to access your container at night, or you hate using your phone or a flashlight in the back of your container, lighting accessories are a great fit for your storage container.

6: Roll-Up Doors: Roll-up doors enhance a container’s accessibility, opening vertically to save space and provide a wider entrance. Ideal for workshops, storage, or retail spaces, they can be installed on any side of the container. Additionally, they offer an added layer of security with their locking mechanisms.

7: Ventilation Systems: Ventilation is paramount when considering the overall health and longevity of a shipping container. Good ventilation ensures that the interior remains free from moisture buildup, which can lead to condensation, rust, and mold. This is especially vital if the container is used for living or storing items sensitive to humidity. Various options are available, from simple louvered vents to turbine vents. By maintaining a consistent airflow, ventilation systems ensure that the inside of the container remains dry, safe, and comfortable, making it adaptable to a range of uses.

8: Tools/Workbench: Many people like to use storage containers as workshops due to their consistent climate, quiet walls and the isolation they can provide. By packing a hammer, saw and other tools along with a workbench, you can use even small storage containers as a great workshop away from your office or home.

9: Security Camera: Security cameras used to be an expensive luxury that only worked with heavy-duty equipment. Not anymore. Have a storage container used by multiple people or concerned with its overall security? Install a small remote security camera or detector system to help you keep track of who is accessing your storage container.

10: Generator/Electrical System: Some storage containers have dedicated electrical outlets that will allow you to hook up fun accessories like radios, TVs and more. But what if you don’t have an integrated electrical system? Put a small generator in your storage container, and you can still make use of items that require electricity no matter where your storage container is located.

Rent or Buy Storage Containers from Eagle Leasing

Now you know some of the best ways accessories can improve your storage container, are you looking to rent or buy some of these recommended accessories? What about the container itself? If you need a storage unit or our top recommended accessories, make sure you reach out to us at the Eagle Leasing Company! We have over 20,000 units in our fleet available for rent or purchase and provide service to much of the northeastern United States.

Along with traditional storage units, we also have office containers and storage combos that include some of the accessories listed above. If you need storage, contact us today at Eagle Leasing!