Home Renovation Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Starting a home renovation project is an exciting time for any homeowner. However, it also comes with challenges, especially when you’re living in what feels like a construction zone. That doesn’t have to put a damper on the experience, particularly if you plan ahead to ensure you’re prepared for every stage of the process. To help make your renovations go more smoothly, be sure to follow these home renovation tips from Eagle Leasing.

Sort Through Personal Belongings

Before the renovations begin, you’ll need to clear out any items that will be in the designated construction area. But don’t just move things into other rooms without thinking it through – otherwise, you could be left scrambling as you frantically search for the stuff you need without remembering where you put it.

For example, if your kitchen is being renovated, you’ll need to find a place for all your dishes, pots, pans, pantry items, etc. Instead of simply tossing things into boxes and moving them into another room, consider which ones you’ll really need to access during the renovations. For instance, if you won’t have access to a stove during the project, you can probably pack away your pots and pans. And while you’ll need dishes and bowls, you likely won’t need to have 10 or 12 full table settings at the ready.

Once you’ve narrowed down your belongings to what you really need, create a designated area where you can access them all easily. Pack up the rest and label each box clearly. If you need to put boxes in different areas of your home due to limited storage space, make an inventory that indicates where everything is. 

Storage containers can be useful if you’re renovating several areas of your home and don’t have space available for your belongings during the project. One of our renovation tips for first-time home buyers is to move belongings into a storage container initially, then complete the move-in after the construction is complete.

Store Appliances and Furniture Safely

first-time-home-buyers-2 Home Renovation Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Some of your home’s largest items, such as sofas, beds, tables, refrigerators and ovens, may not fit in other areas of your home during the renovations. Plus, you don’t want to run the risk of those belongings getting dirty or damaged while construction is underway.

A good solution is to rent a storage container. Our 10-foot and 20-foot containers are commonly used for residential construction projects. They offer a safe and protected environment for possessions like appliances and furniture. Everything is easily accessible in your own driveway or yard, making this one of our top home renovation safety tips.

Organize Construction Supplies and Equipment

Renovations can make your home feel a little more chaotic than usual. Although that’s to be expected, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take steps to keep things under control where and when you can.

One of our most important tips to renovate your home is to think about where the construction equipment and materials will be stored. Will the crew need a place to leave their supplies so they’re not in your way? If so, consider using a storage container with shelves and racks to keep everything neatly corralled when not in use. 

If you need a storage container to provide extra space during your home renovations, reach out to us at Eagle Leasing for more information.