If you’re thinking about venting or managing airflow in your container, we have three different ventilation options:

The pre-installed container vents.  Portable storage containers are normally equipped with standard, pre-installed vents. These are passive vents that are triple-screened to prevent insects from getting inside. Additionally, these vents account for pressure variations that tend to occur when the weather changes.   Most containers come with one vent on each side, one by the door, and another on the opposite end.  While these vents don’t encourage air flow, they often take care of most of your ventilation needs.

Louvered (side) vents.  If you’re looking to combat excessive moisture inside your 10 foot Storage Container20 foot Storage Container40 foot container or 40′ high cube container, we offer Louvered vents, which will provide even more air flow into the unit. If you decide to go this route, we recommend two to four Louvered vents placed on opposite ends and side of the container to provide a cross breeze and additional circulation. Louvre Vents can help improve air quality within containers by allowing the circulation of fresh air and the removal of stagnant air and odors. They also come with a built in screen to prevent any bugs from entering inside the unit. Our Louvered Vents are heavy-duty construction and used for flush mounting. The opening of the Louver Vent is 12″ X 12″ and, including the frame, it is 14″ X 14″.

Louver vents
• Heavy duty construction
• Used for flush mounting

Louvre-Vent-Diagram-1024x480 Ventilation

Turbine vents.   Finally, we offer turbine (whirlybird) vents, which will be cut into the roof of your 10’/20’/40′ container. Turbine vents use wind energy to create airflow and exhaust stale air, heat and moisture from the container’s interior. The only downside to these turbine vents is that during snow-melt, the turbine vent can freeze shut, but clearing the snow off the roof will help lessen this impact.  Turbine vents are the most effective options for circulating air inside of the container. Our turbine vents are made of all aluminum construction, with 21 air foils with rolled edges to deflect water, permanently lubricated with upper and lower ball bearings to ensure long life and low maintenance. They are heavy-duty and durable, tested to withstand 147 mile-per-hour wind. Turbine vents are only available for leases of more than a year or container sales.

Turbine-Vent-Diagram-1024x580 Ventilation

Turbine Vent
• All aluminum construction
• 21 air foils with rolled van edges to deflect water
• Permanently lubricated with upper and lower ball bearings to ensure long life and low maintenance
• Tested to withstand 147 mile per hour wind

FeatureRegular VentilationTurbine VentilationLouver Ventilation
Size2.5″ x 8″13″ x 13″• 12″ × 12″ (Opening)
• 14″ × 14″ (Including frame)
Material & Design• Steel
• Mounted on side of container.
• All aluminum construction for durability and resistance.
• 21 air foils with rolled edges to deflect water.
• Mounted on roof of container.
• Steel (Heavy-duty construction for enhanced durability and resistance)
• Staggered design to prevent water from entering container.
• Mounted on side of container.
AirflowMinimal airflowMaximum (Utilizes wind energy to create airflow, exhaust stale air, heat, and moisture)Good (Provides increased airflow to combat excessive moisture, with options for cross breeze)
Benefits• Handles pressure variations.
• Low maintenance.
• Enhanced airflow.
• Maximizes airflow using wind energy.
• Durable and withstands high winds.
• Low maintenance with permanent lubrication.
• Good airflow with options for cross breeze.
• Heavy-duty and bug-proof construction.
• Designed to improve air quality significantly.
DownsidesMay not be sufficient for high moisture environments.• Can freeze in winter, affecting functionality.
• Minimal wind to operate effectively.
• Requires two or more vents for effective cross breeze.
• May require more vents for large containers.

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