How to Pack a Storage Unit: Tips and Tricks from the Experts

Labeled Moving Boxes

You’ve got your storage unit rented and your items that need to be placed in storage are ready to go. Now that it’s time to start packing it all away, where should you begin? It’s wise to step back and figure out a plan before you begin loading anything inside the container. Here are the storage unit tips and tricks that the experts at Eagle Leasing recommend for packing your items successfully.

Tip #1: Get Durable Storage Boxes

If you’re thinking about using cardboard to box up smaller items within your storage container, think again. These boxes are great for temporary storage, like when you’re moving to a new house. But if your items will be in storage for a few weeks or more, they won’t be properly protected from moisture, dirt, and pests. This is especially important if you’re wondering how to pack clothes for storage units so they’re less likely to be damaged.

Consider options like plastic containers with locking lids to keep your items safe. Look for options that stack easily so you can take advantage of the full height inside your storage container. 

Tip #2: Label Everything

Many people fall into the trap of boxing up all their smaller items and promptly forgetting what’s inside. Save yourself the hassle of opening up every box to look for one thing by labeling everything. Tape a list of what’s inside to each box or write directly on the box with a category, such as “kitchen” or “tools.” This will help you quickly access whatever you need without having to unload the entire storage unit.

Tip #3: Protect Larger Items

If you’re wondering how to protect the furniture in storage along with other large items that can’t be boxed up, look for ways to keep the surfaces protected. Things can shift as you pack and unpack a storage unit, and you don’t want these items to get damaged in the process. For example, you can consider wrapping furniture in plastic, sheets, or thin blankets for added protection. You can also find furniture covers for storage purposes. Similar steps can be used for appliances, large tools, and other bulky or oddly shaped items.

moving-trailer-640px How to Pack a Storage Unit: Tips and Tricks from the Experts

Tip #4: Map it Out 

Will you need to access certain items while your belongings are in storage? If so, it’s important to make sure the things you’ll need are closer to the front. If you have to get to everything inside on a regular basis, like on a worksite, create a clear aisle down the center of your storage unit. Once you’ve figured out where everything needs to be placed. Create a rough map of where things are located inside. Consider labeling sections as well.

Miscellaneous Packing Tricks

Besides the key steps listed above, you can also use these expert tricks for a smoother packing experience:

  • Place the heaviest items on the bottom for more stability, especially when stacking boxes.
  • Consider adding shelving to your storage unit. This makes it much easier to access items. Rather than if they are stacked and lets you label sections more efficiently too.
  • Use pallets to raise furniture items a few inches off the ground. This is one of the best tips for how to protect the furniture in storage from mice and other pests.
  • If you’re disassembling tools, furniture, electronics, or other items before storage, snap photos as you take the items apart so you can remember how everything fits together.

With these handy tips and tricks, you should be all set to successfully pack your storage container.