Open Side Shipping Containers: 6 Ways to Use One Now

20ft Open Side Container bar

Open side shipping containers bring a world of possibilities to your home or business plan. Whether you’re looking to expand with more locations, nurture off-season agriculture. Or, help your community make it through tough times, these versatile containers offer low-cost solutions that support your vision.

Get inspired by these six ideas for creative applications, and contact us for the custom options that can make your most daring shipping container dreams a reality.

1. Easy-Access Storage

Shipping containers make great storage units. The trouble with single- or even double-door containers is that everything must be put in and taken out from either end. If you need an item that’s stored near the middle of your unit, you’ll have to dig through a lot of stuff to get to it. Open side shipping containers feature doors that swing wide, revealing their full 20- or 40-foot length. This easy access makes them perfect for storing large equipment that won’t fit through end doors. Also, they are perfect for inventory, which you may need at a moment’s notice.

2. Sheltered Agriculture

The long, narrow shape of open side shipping containers perfectly suits long rows of hydroponic plants. Add shelving designed for the space and your own power source for grow lights. You’ll be able to keep your nursery or natural foods market supplied with tomatoes or flowers year-round.

3. Food Stand Feast

Have you dreamed of expanding your restaurant into a chain? Consider an open side shipping container food stand as a seasonal location first. Sell hot dogs outside the baseball field, peddle sliders at the county fair. Or, set up shop near a public pool to provide snacks to hungry swimmers. With some heavy-duty coolers, a coat of paint, and a few modifications, you can maximize your container’s lifespan for season after season of income and brand recognition.

4. Pop-Up Shop or Museum 

Another way to expand your current business with an open side shipping container is to create a pop-up retail store or community museum. Pop-ups have become wildly popular because they incur little upfront investment. Pop-ups also help spread awareness of small businesses at street fairs and other events. Invest in a solid, reliable locking system to keep the contents safe in the off-season and watch your neighbors enjoy the change of scene.

5. Emergency Preparedness Center

When a natural disaster or other catastrophe strikes. Your community needs access to clean water, non-perishable food, and other supplies. Be prepared to help out with all those necessities kept safe and accessible in an open side shipping container. First responders will appreciate the help getting life-saving blankets and other items to people in need, and you’ll feel like a hero as your location becomes a hub for all the emergency organizations.

6. Versatile Workspace

Open side shipping containers bring versatility to your job. Whether it be for a temporary location while your office is being remodeled. Or, a semi-permanent workspace for a flea market or large construction project. Follow some basic organization tips for container offices to maximize your space with multitasking furniture and daily decluttering rounds. No matter what your business needs, an open side shipping container offers a world of possibilities. 

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